‘Street Fighter V’ Introduces Brand New Fighter Necalli



Big news at EVO 2015 in Las Vegas, as Capcom announced a brand new fighter that has joined the Street Fighter V roster. Necalli is his name and kicking butt is (hopefully) his game!!

Necalli - "Street Fighter V" (Capcom)
Necalli – “Street Fighter V” (Capcom)

Necalli specializes in a series of “savage” and close range attacks, ensuring maxing pain to his opponents. His ground and pound style enables him to pummel his adversaries with both fists, and the powerful V-Trigger enables him to channel an energy which changes his hair color and temporarily transforms his personality.

Capcom will reveal more info on Necalli’s backstory in the coming months, and since I’m a huge fan of close combat style warriors, I’ll be paying close attention to Necalli down the road.

One of the most alluring aspects of Street Fighter V will the actual game or full game download is the only item players will need to own. All of the content can be earned without shelling any extra bucks. Coming out next spring on PlayStation 4 and PC, Street Fighter V will contain 16 characters, including 4 new fighters to the universe.


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