Review: ‘Bullet Head’ Is A Pit Bull Thriller With A Ton of Bite

I have no idea if writer/director Paul Solet’s decision to stuff Adrien Brody in a piano was a not so subtle homage to Roman Polanski’s The Pianist. I also wonder if Solet loved the wish fulfillment endings of Carlito’s Way or Point Blank, but that’s neither here nor there, as though Bullet Head offer a few cinematic call backs, it’s a movie that stands on its own feet – even if it begins with man’s best friend . . .

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CinemAddicts Ep. 77: ‘The Shape of Water’ ‘Call Me By Your Name’ ‘The Post’

Episode 77 of CinemAddicts covers a ton of ground movie wise. Anderson recaps his love for Coco and we offer up our thoughts on Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. My love for Call Me By Your Name has previously been expressed, but there’s also a bunch of new flicks that are covered on the show (The Post, The Shape of Water, Downsizing, All The Money in the World, The Disaster ArtistThe Ballad of Lefty Brown). More details below!

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Review: ‘Between Us’ (Ben Feldman, Olivia Thirlby)

One of the drawbacks of attempting to watch a movie a day is, if you’re a horrible planner, you’ll spend a lot of wasted time wondering which movie you’ll want to see on that given day. Close to an hour of Netflix browsing led me to Between Us, which I initially viewed as an insightful, if not innocuous romantic comedy toplined by Ben Feldman and Olivia Thirlby. My expectations for the film were low, and thank goodness the don’t judge a book by its cover take applied to this first rate narrative. Review below!!

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DVD Review: “Where’s The Money” (Andrew Bachelor)

Having snap judgments about a movie before actually watching can, at times, restrict you from having a good time, and thankfully my preconceived notions of Where’s The Money were misguided. A mixture of internet content creators/stars (Andrew “King Bach” Bachelor, Logan Paul) and acting vets (Kat Graham, Terry Crews), Where’s The Money has its share of comedic surprises up its sleeve.

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Review: 5 Reasons To Love ‘Tragedy Girls’

Tragedy Girls opens in New York and Los Angeles October 20, but thankfully it’s not a flick that comes out and is gone before the blink of an eye (leading to an immediate run on Blu-ray and streaming). If you’re a horror/comedy genre fan (Scream franchise comes to mind), Tragedy Girls should be your cup of tea (actually it’s more like a double espresso shot to the soul). Below are five reasons why I absolutely love (and highly recommend) Tragedy Girls.

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Review: ‘Blood Stripe’ (Kate Nowlin, Chris Sullivan)


One of this year’s most standout performances comes from an indie film that is pretty much under the radar, but you can catch Blood Stripe this weekend at Beverly Hills’ Laemmle Music Hall.

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CinemAddicts Ep. 75: ‘Lucky’ ‘Blade Runner 2049’ ‘Wonderstruck’

Episode 75 of CinemAddicts is up as Anderson Cowan and I discuss movies we want to check out in October. Plus, Cowan recaps the state of the state of Groupers and his two favorite September releases (mother! and It), I have a synchronistic The Tales of Hoffman experience. Full breakdown and audio of the show is below (btw – shout out to Atticus!!).

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 Review: ‘Last Rampage’ (Robert Patrick, Heather Graham)

The initial takeaway from Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison’s is that Robert Patrick (TV’s The Unit, Terminator 2: Judgment Day) has never been better. As the titular character, Patrick is a force of nature, but thankfully director Dwight Little (Murder at 1600, Marked for Death) has many more wonderful cards in the deck.

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Review: ‘American Assassin’ (Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton)

I’m writing this in a haphazard fashion, so forgive the random stream of consciousness as I was just thinking about Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, a flick I definitely want to see. This relates to the salmon aside I’ll mention later in the review, but for now let’s concentrate on American Assassin. Review is below and sorry for the lateness!

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Blu-ray Pick: 5 Reasons To Love ‘Freebie and the Bean’

Warner Archive continues to dig gems out of its vault. Freebie and the Bean, a Grade-A buddy cop flick starring Alan Arkin and James Caan, is a prime example. If you’re a fan of 48 Hrs. or Lethal Weapon, please give this film (which btw is beloved by Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick and Edgar Wright) a shot. Five reasons to love this flick is below!!

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