CinemAddicts Ep. 100: ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon,’ ‘Love Antosha’ and ‘Ode To Joy’

It took us 3.5 years, but Anderson Cowan and I finally made it to 100 episodes on CinemAddicts. We’ve been picking up the pace lately (two eps. per month) thanks to our Patreon subscribers, and on this show we cover The Peanut Butter Falcon, Ode to Joy, and Love, Antosha. Details and audio of our podcast is below!!

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CinemAddicts Episode 98 Spotlights ‘Sea of Shadows’ And ‘The Farewell’

If you’re in the mood for a first rate documentary and a stirring drama, then Sea of Shadows and The Farewell are two flicks that are now out today. Episode 98 of CinemAddicts, as well as audio from my interview from both films are featured below!

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CinemAddicts Ep. 97: “Maiden,” “Funan,” “Relaxer,” And “I Am Mother”

Episode 97 is a pretty big one for CinemAddicts, as thanks to our Patreon backers we are now doing two episodes per month. Details on the movies we covered and other stuff (including our podcast audio) is found after the jump!!!


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CinemAddicts Ep. 96: ‘Yesterday,’ ‘Toy Story 4,’ ‘Leto’ and … ‘Groupers’ Signing!

There’s a ton of topic and movies to cover on episode 96 of CinemAddicts. Anderson Cowan’s film Groupers has found its distributor, I really loved an under the radar film called Leto, and most importantly we review/preview May and June movie releases!

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CinemaAddicts Ep. 94: ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ ‘Family,’ And ‘Little Woods’

Episode 94 of CinemAddicts is up, and this month we are releasing two episodes for a valid reason. Avengers: Endgame (which I’m seeing Tuesday morning), Little Woods (Tessa Thompson, Lily James), and Family (Taylor Schilling) are among the films covered! Take a listen below!

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CinemAddicts Ep. 93: “Stormboy,” “Apollo 11,” “Diane,” “Us” And . . . Patreon??

It’s big episode for us on CinemAddicts, as Anderson Cowan and I discuss our decision to go Patreon with our podcast. The good news is that we will still be posting a show once per month, but subscribers to our $5 tier will get a ton of valuable extras. Details on Episode 93 and Patreon are below!

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