‘Ghostlight’ Movie Review – Weepy, Evocative Drama Is A Keeper

Ghostlight - IFC Films, Luke Dyra

“Ghostlight,” a first rate family drama from IFC Films, hits New York and Chicago Friday, June 14. The picture will have a nationwide expansion starting June 21, and hopefully more cinephiles will catch this movie on its second weekend. Details on the movie and our CinemAddicts podcast review is below!

“Ghostlight” centers on Dan (Keith Kupferer), a depressed construction worker who is drifting away from his daughter Daisy (Katherine Mallen Kupferer) and wife Sharon (Tara Mallen).

Dan ultimately finds an escape in a group of actors who are mounting a local theater produciton of “Romeo and Juliet.” This creative journey may either unlock a new path for his family relationships or keep them at bay altogether.

Keith Kupferer in Kelly O’ Sullivan and Alex Thompson’s GHOSTLIGHT. Courtesy of Luke Dyra. An IFC Films release

Directed by Kelly O’Sullivan and Alex Thompson, Ghostlight is a huge cut above the average family drama. The tragic and the heightened emotional moments are handled by the filmmakers and actors with nuance. The story, penned by O’Sullivan, has a ton of dramatic moments, but not one moment of this movie feels forced or inorganic.

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The family portrayed in “Ghostlight” are for real, and watching the Kupferers act together is a total joy to watch. Dolly De Leon is also a standout as the strong-willed Rita, a fellow actor who helps Dan ignite his theatrical passions.

Dolly de Leon in Kelly O’Sullivan and Alex Thompson’s GHOSTLIGHT. Courtesy of Luke Dyra. An IFC Films release

All three of us gave “Ghostlight” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Both Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes balled their eyes out, and I was close to tears as well.

Ghostlight hits New York and Chicago June 14th and goes to wider release on June 21. Let us know your thoughts on the movie in the comments below!!

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