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Flipping the Script on: ‘Pacific Rim’

Welcome to “Flipping the Script,” a monthly column where I will reconsider recent films that have been panned, frowned upon, or simply under appreciated. I believe that movies should speak to us on a deep, personal level, and this column will consist of films that have done that for me despite widespread derision or apathy. Join me on my noble quest for cinematic redemption!
Robots vs. monsters. Enough said, right?

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Giveaway: Win “The Gunman” Blu-ray From Deepest Dream

We are giving away Two (2) Blu-rays of the Sean Penn action/thriller The Gunman thanks to the good folks at Universal Pictures Home Entertainment!

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Idris Elba Launches Men’s Fall Collection With Superdry

Golden Globe winning actor Idris Elba (The Wire, Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom) has teamed with Superdry to create a premium men’s collection for Fall/Winter 2015. The 250 piece collection includes cashmere knitwear, tailored wool coats, tailored shirting, sportswear, denim, and premium outerwear.

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Sean Penn Recalls Super 8 Filmmaking Days (“The Gunman”)

Sean Penn stars in The Gunman, playing an ex-Special Forces soldier and military contractor who travels throughout Europe in an attempt to clear his name. Javier Bardem, Idris Elbaand Jasmine Trinca co-star in the feature which opens nationwide Friday, March 20.

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‘No Good Deed’ With Taraji P. Henson & Idris Elba Hits Blu-Ray In January

No Good Deed (PG-13, 84 minutes), a thriller starring Idris Elba as an escaped convict saddled with horrible relationship issues, hits Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD January 6 via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Taraji P. Henson co-stars as the housewife who lets the convict enter her home after his car breaks down in the rain. Her “good deed” leads to nightmarish repercussions for her family and best friend (Leslie Bibb), as the delusional criminal won’t stop until he gets exactly what he wants.

I actually liked this thriller, and there’s an interesting twist that occurs in the third act which makes No Good Deed into a cut above your average B-movie experience. I won’t give out any spoilers, but this flick was one of my cinematic guilty pleasures this year.

Blu-ray Exclusive Features:

  1. “The Thrill of a Good Fight” – Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson talk about the fight sequences in the film.
  2. “Good Samaritan” – Henson and the filmmakers (the picture’s directed by Sam Miller, who worked with Elba on Luther) discuss Terri’s (Henson) decision to let a stranger into her home.

Blu-Ray & DVD Features:

  1. “Making a Thriller” Featurette – Idris Elba, Taraji P. Henson, director Sam Miller, and producers Glenn S. Gainor and Will Packer talk about the feature.

No Good Deed




Taraji P. Henson’s “No Good Deed” Scares Came From Creepy House

For Taraji P. Henson, the real scares from No Good Deed wasn’t being chased around set by Idris Elba. Although the thespians square off in the thriller (opening Friday, September 12), the challenge for Henson was after the shooting day was done.

Living in a spacious house in a nice area should only be a good thing, but sometimes the creepiness factor can set in, especially when no one’s around.

“I decided to stay in a five bedroom house in Atlanta,” said Henson, who plays a housewife who’s terrorized by an escaped convict (Elba) in No Good Deed. By myself – filming this thriller. All night shoots, so I’m getting home at weird hours at night. If you could see me making a mad dash to that other room – I don’t know what the other rooms look like. There was this one door that stayed lock – I was like something is going to come out of that room and get me!”

To hear Taraji P. Henson explain why the house reminded her of a scene from The Shining, click on the Soundcloud audio below:

Today is also Taraji P. Henson’s birthday, and she posted this following tweet on her Twitter account (@TherealTaraji):

‘No Good Deed’ Star Idris Elba Sets Sights On Directing

In No Good Deed, Idris Elba plays Colin, an escaped convict with a destructive fixation on women. On a stormy night, Colin’s path crosses with a frustrated suburban housewife named Terri (Taraji P. Henson), and what ensues is a deadly battle for survival. Leslie Bibb co-stars as Terri’s best friend, with Henry Simmons (NYPD Blue) playing her neglectful husband.

Elba talked about his own familiarity with No Good Deed director Sam Miller. “Sam and I have worked on Luther quite a bit,” said Elba. “He’s a very good director (and has) a good eye for thriller and tension, and we needed that. We also wanted to bring a slightly different aesthetic to the film. It’s an American film and it has that Friday night popcorn (feel). But this is quite dark and edgy – the way we shot it. We tried to make it feel really claustrophobic and Sam does that really well.”

Terry (Taraji P. Henson)  Colin (Idris Elba) in Screen Gems' NO GOOD DEED.
Terry (Taraji P. Henson) Colin (Idris Elba) in Screen Gems’ NO GOOD DEED.

Elba, who also served as an executive producer No Good Deed and is an associate producer on Luther, is also setting his sights on directing a feature down the road. Thanks to his extensive work on television (The Wire, Luther) and film (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, Pacific Rim), directing should be a natural process for Elba.

I asked Elba what strengths he would bring to a project as a director. Click on the Soundcloud bar to hear Elba’s answer:

No Good Deed opens nationwide September 12.