Flick City: Milo Ventimiglia Loves Humankind Approach Of ‘Interstellar’ And ‘Armageddon’

This Is Us actor Milo Ventimiglia has also carved out a career in cinema (he was most recently seen opposite Jennifer Lopez in Second Act). In the video below, he talks about three of his favorite films (Interstellar, Goodfellas, Armageddon).

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‘Shades of Blue’ Star Ray Liotta Expresses Love For New York

The gritty cop drama Shades of Blue, toplined by Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, brings back recollections to the great NY set police flicks from the 1970s. There’s a creative vitality to this genre, and in our video below Liotta briefly talks about why he loves shooting in The Big Apple.

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Jennifer Lopez On ‘American Idol’ – “I’m Sad To See It Go”

American Idol

One can expect a healthy share of nostalgia for the 15th and final season of American Idol, which premieres on FOX Wednesday, January 6. Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr., and Jennifer Lopez return as the judges, and Lopez talked about the pride she feels in taking part in this iconic show.

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Jennifer Lopez Heads “Home” With “Feel The Light” Lyric Video

"Home" - DreamWorks Animation
Opening nationwide March 27, the animated flick Home centers on Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons) who lands on Earth and befriends an girl named Tip (Rihanna). During their adventures, Oh, who’s on the run from his own kind, realizes that making mistakes is just part of being human, and both he and his newfound friend find what it truly means to be “home.”

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C.J. Harris Reflects On “Amazing” American Idol Journey

On last night’s “American Idol,” we said goodbye to C.J. Harris, and even though he tried to finish his rendition of “Can’t You See” by the Marshall Tucker Band, his emotions got the better of him as his fellow Idol colleagues took to the stage and hugged him.

“This whole journey has been amazing,” said Harris after the show. “The people that I’ve met. This whole experience has been something I can’t even explain to people. You’ve got to go through it and really figure it out, man. It’s amazing.”

C.J. Harris – American Idol (FOX, CR: Michael Becker)

For judge Keith Urban, watching any of these artists go home is tough to watch. “At this point, I feel close to every one of them,” said Urban. “So yeah it’s a little bit sad to see them go. Particularly C.J., because he’s such a good heart and good spirit. But he’s got a killer voice and he’s going to be fine.”

Don’t expect the Alabama native to fade into the woodwork anytime soon, as Harris is taking part in this summer’s “American Idol” tour. During his post-elimination interview, the singer showed a ton of class and heart by talking about his fellow Idol colleagues. His easygoing and kind demeanor are just a few reasons this talented musician was one of this season’s most likable artists.

Click on the media bar to hear C.J. Harris talk about his love and respect for his fellow “American Idol” competitors:

The top 5 singers continue their “American Idol” run next Wednesday at 8 pm et/pt on FOX.

American Idol’s Malaya Watson Garners Praise From Jennifer Lopez

American Idol (FOX, CR: Michael Becker)

One of this season’s biggest success stories on “American Idol” is 16-year-old’s Malaya Watson’s journey through the show. The Michigan native may have been eliminated last week, but she’ll join her colleagues this summer on the “American Idol” tour and gain even more experience as an artist. After last week’s elimination night, the telegenic singer received sage advice and support from the “Idol” judges.

Jennifer Lopez said ‘stay true to yourself’ (and) Keith Urban said ‘You got it baby, you just work on it better, you’ve got this,'” said Watson. “Harry Connick Jr. said to just focus on my craft and who I am and not to not worry about stardom.”

Watson received strong praise from Lopez, who sees the artist as an immense talent. “As far as God given talent,” said Lopez. “(And) as far as voices go, she’s probably the best here. Being 16, you need time to learn control, you need time to learn your voice. She’s just learning herself. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from her in the future.” Click on the media bar below to hear Jennifer Lopez talk about Watson.

Malaya Watson, who told Yahoo! TV that she would love to carve out a TV career,  also learned that the music business takes its share of hard work and perseverance, as even an amazing set of pipes needs a bit of luck and strength to survive. Click on the media bar below to hear Malaya Watson.

“American Idol” airs tonight on FOX (8 pm et/pt).

‘American Idol’ Singer Majesty Rose On Artistic Growth & Modeling Plans

Majesty Rose was eliminated this week on AmericanIdol, but considering how far she’s come in the competition (she’s also part of Idol’s summer tour), the singer should be celebrating all of her accomplishments. For Rose, a big part of her experience on the show centered on her own artistic evolution.

“Well, I’ve grown as an artist because I wasn’t…like I didn’t even know that I was an artist before I came,” said Rose, who performed the Florence and the Machines tune ‘Shake It Out’ on Wednesday. “I knew what type of music I like, but it’s just I didn’t know who [or] where I fit in that.  Now, now I knew who I was.  Like now I know who I am on the inside, and I think I really, really grew as far as perseverance and really just knowing where I stand in things and sticking to it.  That’s where I’ve grown a lot.”

After her elimination, Rose added that she would love to continue doing television as well as be a commercial model. “If I could be like a representative for natural hair (or) if I could have my own show just for kids,” said Rose, who’s also a pre-school teacher. “Because I really like kids a lot.”

Jennifer Lopez initially thought Rose could have won the entire competition. Click on the media bar below to hear the judge talk about the singer’s elimination:

Listen to Majesty Rose talk about what she expects from the American Idol summer tour.

‘American Idol’ Recap – MK Nobilette “Proud” of Top Ten Finish

Although MK Nobilette may have been eliminated last night from American Idol, she thankfully has a big picture view on her experience with the program. It’s a positive and determined attitude that should aid in her fledgling career as a music artist.

“I think one of the points of American Idol for me is that you do the show to make fans and to represent you and your music,” said Nobilette, who performed Pink’s ‘Perfect’ during this week’s competition. “I think (with) some people it’s to win American Idol. For me, I’m a musician and I want to make music and that’s what this whole thing was about. Now I have a fan base and I hope they stick with me, because I’m going to stick with them.”

Click on the media bar below to hear Nobilette talk about the greatest piece of advice she’s received during her American Idol run.

As for getting eliminated, Nobilette is taking everything in stride. “Top ten was my goal,” added the singer. “I’m proud of myself. I’m happy. I think I should be upset, but I’m not at all. This is already a huge deal. What’s the point in being upset about something amazing, you know?”

I truly love her rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me.” If you haven’t checked it out, here goes:

Ben Briley on ‘American Idol’ Exit: “Nobody Is Going To Outwork Me”

American Idol (FOX, CR: Michael Becker)

Ben Briley was eliminated on this week’s American Idol, and if the adage that adversity builds character rings true, then this Tennessee native will still be standing long after this season is over.

“If you want something, you got to take it. You got to go out and get it,” said a determined Briley after his elimination. “And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

But first things first. Briley, who performed Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets” this week, plans to take a much needed respite before hitting the boards once again. “I’m going go home, and I’m going to take a really long nap and hang out with my wife and have a glass of whiskey and a big ole steak for free, hopefully. I think I’ve earned that at least.”

The steak and whiskey comment, considering Briley’s candid and effusive personality, should be taken with a dash of humor. When it comes to his career, however, the singer is extremely serious and focused about his future opportunities.

Click on the audio bar to hear Ben Briley talk about his success, as well as his feeling of personal gratification, for the American Idol experience:

My favorite moment from Briley came with “Turning Home,” as it perfectly captured his down home, countrified persona. He also has solid vocal range, so take a gander below if you haven’t seen the performance:

‘American Idol’ Singer Kristen O’Connor To Continue Music Dreams

Kristen O'Connor (FOX, CR: Michael Becker)Kristen O’Connor was eliminated last night on American Idol, and although it’s understandably a total downer for the singer, she handled her exit with grace and appreciation. During her exit interview, the singer reflected on her American Idol journey.

“I gained so much from this whole experience,” said O’Connor, who sang an inspired rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Beautiful Disaster’ this week. “My whole life I have been singing, but this is the first time in my life that I’ve had people be objective with me. For the first time I’ve had people who’ve made it in the industry tell me ways that I can improve.”

The mentor section of American Idol also left O’Connor with great memories. “Working with Chris Daughtry, I think that might have been a highlight of my life,” added O’Connor. “He told me my voice is sick. He said I gave him chills. That was amazing and it’s definitely something I’ll take with me forever. And (with) Adam Lambert I got to talk to him for a long time. He gave me great advice and he’s an awesome guy.”

Click on the Soundcloud audio to hear O’Connor, who just received her nursing license, talk about her plans post-Idol:

American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. also said that O’Connor handled her elimination with “great dignity and class.”

Click on the audio to hear Connick Jr. explain why he really didn’t need to give advice to the talented singer.