‘American Idol’ Singer Majesty Rose On Artistic Growth & Modeling Plans


Majesty Rose was eliminated this week on AmericanIdol, but considering how far she’s come in the competition (she’s also part of Idol’s summer tour), the singer should be celebrating all of her accomplishments. For Rose, a big part of her experience on the show centered on her own artistic evolution.

“Well, I’ve grown as an artist because I wasn’t…like I didn’t even know that I was an artist before I came,” said Rose, who performed the Florence and the Machines tune ‘Shake It Out’ on Wednesday. “I knew what type of music I like, but it’s just I didn’t know who [or] where I fit in that.  Now, now I knew who I was.  Like now I know who I am on the inside, and I think I really, really grew as far as perseverance and really just knowing where I stand in things and sticking to it.  That’s where I’ve grown a lot.”

After her elimination, Rose added that she would love to continue doing television as well as be a commercial model. “If I could be like a representative for natural hair (or) if I could have my own show just for kids,” said Rose, who’s also a pre-school teacher. “Because I really like kids a lot.”

Jennifer Lopez initially thought Rose could have won the entire competition. Click on the media bar below to hear the judge talk about the singer’s elimination:

Listen to Majesty Rose talk about what she expects from the American Idol summer tour.