Liam Neeson Boards The Action Train Once Again With ‘The Commuter’

Liam Neeson has worked in over 70 films, and four of those pictures have been with director Jaume Collet-Serra. The pair previously had hits with Unknown, Non-Stop, and Run All Night and now they are riding that streak via the train driven narrative The Commuter.

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Salma Hayek’s ‘The Prophet’ Uplifted By Lebanon Trip

Opening in New York and Los Angeles August 7 (with more cities in the coming weeks), Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet is an animated feature based on Gibran’s seminal work. Produced by Salma Hayekthe feature is blessed with diverse and resonant animated sequences from filmmakers Bill Plympton (Guide Dog), Joan Gratz (Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase), Nina Paley (Sita Sings the Blues), and Tomm Moore (Song of the Sea).

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Liam Neeson’s “Run All Night” Hits Blu-Ray June 16

Run All Night_3D Box Art

Liam Neeson’s successful collaboration with director Jaume Collett-Serra (the pair worked on Unknown and Non-Stop) continues with Run All Night (R, 114 minutes), a crime thriller which hits Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on June 16 via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.

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“Taken 3” With Liam Neeson Hits Blu-Ray in April


Taken 3 (PG-13, 105 minutes), which has ex-CIA operative Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) seeking vengeance for ex-wife’s (Famke Janssen) killers, hits Blu-ray on April 21 via Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Oscar winning actor Forest Whitaker co-stars as the police inspector who’s tasked with tracking Mills down, with Maggie Grace back as Mills’ beleaguered daughter.

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Blu-ray Spotlight: ‘Third Person’ Explores Love’s Beguiling Mysteries

Third Person (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 137 minutes, R), which was just released this week on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital HD, is an ambitious narrative centering on love and betrayal that takes place in Paris, Rome, and New York. Directed and penned by Paul Haggis (Crash, In the Valley of Elah), the project took Haggis over two and a half years to finish.

Some moviegoers were perplexed and frustrated by the film’s ambiguity and puzzle laden storyline, but if you’re inspired by  non-linear, perspective shifting tales  (Third Person is partially inspired by such films as Blow-Up and The Passenger), then Third Person is worth your attention.

The three storylines from Third Person are as follows:

Paris:  Liam Neeson is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer who’s suffering a creative crises. Selfish and self-indulgent to the core, he spends his day with a younger colleague (Olivia Wilde) who’s trying to get her own career off the ground. Though both of them are madly in love with each other, continued manipulations and deceit drive a wedge to their union.

Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde in Third Person - Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Liam Neeson, Olivia Wilde in Third Person – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Rome: Adrien Brody is a businessman who becomes instantly infatuated with a gypsy (Moran Atias) while drinking at a bar. Upon learning the woman’s daughter was kidnapped, he gets embroiled in an operation that places his life in danger.

Adrien Brody and Moran Atias in 'Third Person' - Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Adrien Brody and Moran Atias in ‘Third Person’ – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

New York: A former soap opera actress turned maid (Mila Kunis) is in a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband/artist (James Franco). Even with a competent lawyer by her side (Maria Bello), her continued irresponsibility leads to dire consequences.

Mila Kunis in Thid Person (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)
Mila Kunis in Third Person (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

Eventually, all of these stories intersect in a huge twist that can, depending on the viewer, be deemed infuriating or creatively invigorating.

Special features on this disc include:

The Making of Third Person (9:50)- The featurette on the making of the flick, contains the opening Paul Haggis comment: “I always hope the same thing when I’m making a film, which is just to write an interesting story and then tell it well.” Liam Neeson, Adrian Brody, Moran Atias, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, Maria Bello, and producer Michael Nozik are among the cast and crew interviewed on the segment.

Filmmaker Commentary – Paul Haggis, Moran Atias, producer Michael Nozik, production designer Laurence Bennett, and editor Jo Francis are on the commentary track. If you’ve already the seen the movie and are a bit confused with the story’s final chapter, this commentary breaks everything down and leaves no questions left unanswered.

Q&A With Paul Haggis (33:29) – A KCET Cinema Series Q&A moderated by Pete Hammond, this special feature is a must watch if you’re curious about Paul Haggis’ writing process. Haggis is very lively and frank during the chat, and Hammond was more than up to the task as the interviewer.

In the media clip below, Mila Kunis explains why she loved exploring her character in Third Person:

Third Person is now out on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

‘Third Person’ With Mila Kunis Hits Blu-ray & DVD in September

Third Person, a multi-layered drama that is one of this year’s most overlooked films (the drama doesn’t pull its punches), hits Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD September 30. The cast includes, Liam Neeson (playing a cold-hearted scribe with writer’s block), Mila Kunis (as a mother who’s lost custody of her child), Adrien Brody, Maria Bello, Kim Basinger, and Olivia Wilde.

Here’s the official boilerplate synopsis of the movie which was directed and penned by Paul Haggis (Crash, The Next Three Days):

“THIRD PERSON tells three stories of love, passion, trust and betrayal. The tales play out in New York, Paris and Rome through three couples who appear to have nothing related but share deep commonalities: lovers and estranged spouses, children lost and found. THIRD PERSON is a mystery, a puzzle in which truth is revealed in glimpses, and clues are caught by the corner of the eye—and nothing is truly what it seems.”

Bonus Features on the DVD & Blu-ray include:

  1. Commentary (w/ Haggis, actress Moran Atias, and producers Jo Francis, Laurence Bennett and Michael Nozik.
  2. Q&A with Paul Haggis
  3. A featurette on the making of Third Person.

The below audio has Mila Kunis talks about understanding her character’s “emotional roller coaster” ride in Third Person:

Julianne Moore On Diverse Acting Career: “I Like To Mix It Up”

It’s hard to find an actor in Hollywood who’s had a more diverse career than Julianne Moore. If you’re a cinephile who digs indie films, you probably love her work with director Todd Haynes (Safe, Far From Heaven). Lately my tastes have veered towards genre driven projects, especially if they’re thrillers (which is why I enjoyed Julianne Moore’s work in Carrie).

Now Moore plays a passenger whose life is in peril with Non-Stopa project that reunites Liam Neeson with Unknown director Jaume Collet-Serra.

During the Non-Stop press conference, Moore talked about why she loves changing things up when it comes to filmmaking.

“I like to mix it up,” said Moore. “If I’ve done something really serious, I like to do comedy. If I’ve done a comedy, then I’ll find a thriller that’s interesting to me. I like genre. I like movies. I like to accrue experience. That’s really been it.”

To listen to Neeson praise Moore as well as hear the actress elaborate on her acting career, click on the audio bar below:

Non-Stop opens nationwide February 28.