Find Your Film Reviews ‘The Marksman,’ ‘Some Kind of Heaven’ and ‘A Thousand Cuts’

Other films covered include Hunter Hunter, Rent-A-Pal, Odd Thomas, Black Sunday, and A Matter of Life and Death.

Liam Neeson stars as “Jim” and Jacob Perez as “Miguel” in director Robert Lorenz’s THE MARKSMAN, an Open Road Films / Briarcliff Entertainment release. Credit: Ryan Sweeney / Open Road Films / Briarcliff Entertainment
Along with our weekly movie recommendations, we review three new movies on Find Your Film. Two of them are documentaries (Some Kind of Heaven and A Thousand Cuts), and the other is Liam Neeson’s latest (The Marksman). Show breakdown and podcast audio is below!

Liam Neeson stars as “Jim” in director Robert Lorenz’s THE MARKSMAN, an Open Road Films / Briarcliff Entertainment release. Credit: Ryan Sweeney / Open Road Films / Briarcliff Entertainment

The Marksman centers on Jim Hanson (Liam Neeson) a rancher and ex-Marine who risks it all to defend an 11-year-old migrant named Miguel (Jacob Perez) from drug cartel assassins. With Neeson one can, at times, expect an action packed thriller and The Marksman does not fit into that genre.

Directed by Robert Lorenz (Trouble with the Curve), The Marksman is actually a subtle character study of a man who puts another person’s needs before his own. Though the feature has several action sequences, it was refereshing to see Lorenz focus really deliver on the more human moments of the story. That said, the feature does not wade in sentiment. It’s another solid turn for Liam Neeson, and if you are a fan of his body of work and enjoy a subtly told story (fyi the ending is a memorable one), I definitely recommend The Marksman.

Find Your Film co-host Eric Holmes also watched The Marksman and he was not as enthusiastic about the project. Take a listen below as Holmes, Bruce Purkey, and I discuss that film as well as the documentaries A Thousand Cuts and Some Kind of Heaven.

Other films covered on the podcast include Hunter Hunter (which Purkey really enjoyed), Rent-A-Pal, A Matter Of Life and Death, Odd Thomas and To Live and Die in L.A. (directed by William Friedkin).

Take a listen to our latest episode and breakdown is also included!

Find Your Film Episode Breakdown (January 15, 2021)

0:00 – Intro and a couple of corrections before we start the podcast!!
1:26 – Eric Holmes praises EntertainMart which is his main resource for purchasing Blu-rays and DVDs.
2:51 – Bruce Purkey’s go-to DVD/Blu-ray store is 2nd and Charles. Last DVD purchase at that store for Bruce was the William Friedkin directed flick Bug.
4:44 – Next week we will spotlight the work of filmmaker Maya Deren (Meshes of the Afternoon).
6:08 – Eric Holmes is thinking of doing a Kenneth Anger spotlight and Bruce actually had an encounter with Anger (which he will probably divulge if we do an Anger episode).
7:37 – We review the documentary A Thousand Cuts.
13:15 – Eric gives a “heavy recommend” to A Thousand Cuts.
15:50 – Bruce talks about some of the people who populate the documentary. He also recommends the project.
16:34 – Eric stop scratching your chin!!
16:54 Watch List is a great companion piece to A Thousand Cuts.
20:00Some Kind of Heaven, a documentary directed by first timer Lance Oppenheim,  is reviewed.
23:00 – Bruce really enjoyed the “compelling” stories in the documentary. It’s a strong recommend for Bruce.
26:15 – This doc reminded Eric of Nomadland.
29:24 – Eric Holmes and I review the Liam Neeson feature The Marksman.
33:54 – Eric liked but didn’t love The Marksman. Eric wanted a bit more “grit” to the script.
36:50 – I really enjoyed the subtle storytelling approach to The Marksman.
41:41 – Eric talks about the “comical” video featured on Jack Fitzpatrick’s YouTube channel  “LetsCrashThisParade.”
43:54 – Bruce Purkey’s first recommendation is Hunter Hunter. Bruce loved the “very uncompromising” approach to the film.
50:00 – This is why Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes should fire me!
51:03 – Purkey may want us to see a horror film called Bloody Hell.
53:00 – Eric recommends Rent-A Pal.
56:33 – Bruce Purkey gives his take on Rent-A Pal.
62:30 – I review the Mario Bava feature Black Sunday to keep our Giallo/Argento/Bava streaking going.
72:12 – Bruce Purkey gives a shout out to our podcast brothers Middle Class Film Class as he watched To Live and Die in L.A. with them via Twitch. As of this post, you can’t stream To Live and Die In L.A. anywhere. Bruce says it’s a very 80s feature from director William Friedkin (he believes it’s like an R-rated version of the TV series Miami Vice).
77:04 – Eric offers up his thoughts on To Live and Die in L.A. and the chameleon-like nature of director William Friedkin.
80:18 – I love To Live and Die In L.A.’s totally wtf just happened moment!
84:41 – Eric Holmes discusses Odd Thomas as he’s a Dean Koontz and Anton Yelchin fan. As a whole, he doesn’t recommend the movie unless you’re a Yelchin fan.
89:40 – Favorite Anton Yelchin movie? BTW are all the Terminator films watchable? Also, if you’re a fan of romantic dramas, check out the Yelchin flick 5 to 7.
92:42 – Bruce reviews A Matter of Life and Death as part of his What’s in the Box segment. For movie recommendations to put in the box, email or hit him up on his Rustomore movie channel. Thank you Joseph Bridges for your recommendation!!
102:20 – Bruce Purkey’s next movie to cover for What’s in the Box is Disney Plus’ The One and Only Ivan.

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