Rami Malek Reflects on “The Master” Journey With Paul Thomas Anderson

The third episode of Mr. Robota conspiracy and pulse pounding series headlined by Rami Malek, airs tonight on USA Network (10 pm et/pt), and if you’re an newbie to Malek’s diverse body of work, I’d suggest taking a look at director Paul Thomas Anderson’s ambitious 2012 drama The Master.

Also penned by Anderson, the story centers on Freddie Quell (Joaquin Phoenix), a Navy vet whose volatile nature always seems to get the best of him. Philip Seymour Hoffman is Lancaster Dodd, a leader of a growing organization that is spreading its beliefs on a worldwide level (Dodd is partly inspired by L. Ron Hubbard). The friendship and inevitable battle of wills between the two men is the narrative’s heart and soul.

Malek is Clark, Lancaster’s new son-in-law (and loyal acolyte) who believes Freddie is a bad influence on the organization, and Clark has a memorably electric face-off session with Freddie during one of Lancaster’s “teaching” sessions.

I asked Rami Malek about his experience working on The Master with Paul Thomas Anderson. Check out his response in the video below:

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