Frank Stallone Talks ‘Stallone: Frank, That Is’ And Reflects On Diverse Career

Now available on Digital and VOD, Stallone: Frank, That Is takes an informative and engaging look at Frank Stallone’s career. Running at 73 minutes, the doc displays the versatility of Stallone as an actor and overall entertainer. I’m a huge fan of Stallone’s forays into big band music, and he also delivers some great movie recommendations as well!

Frank Stallone in “Stallone: Frank, That Is”

Frank Stallone’s biggest hit was “Far From Over,” which was featured on the 1983 soundtrack for Staying Alive. Brother Sylvester Stallone has carved out an iconic and prodigous career, and living in that shadow is one of the topics that is covered in the documentary.

Along with the siblings, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Billy Dee Williams, Joe Mantegna, Geraldo Rivera, and Talia Shire are among the figures interviewed in Stallone: Frank, That Is. Don’t expect a puff piece from this doc, as Stallone is highly candid about his career. All you’ve got to do is take more than a cursory glance at Frank Stallone to know that he has a passion for entertaining and creating, and the documentary gives us a deeper look into what makes Frank Stallone tick.

The interview breakdown is below, and if you want to check out Stallone’s memories of making Barfly with director Barbet Schroeder and Mickey Rourke, that video is exclusive for our CinemAddicts Patreon members!

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1:28 – Being a producer on the project
2:36 – On reuniting with his previous band Valentine
4:57 – On his diversity as an artist
6:38 – On his passion for boxing.
8:16– Frank talks about his love for big band music (Sinatra, Elvis and The Beatles are Frank’s biggest music influences). Just fyi, here is the Spotify link to “But Beautiful,” the song I reference during the interview:
11:39 – On what keeps him motivated as an entertainer. He has an “all in or nothing” attitude to what he does.
14:10 – Frank’s movie recommendations include the original The Razor’s Edge (starring Tyrone Power) and Johnny Came Lately (James Cagney).

Now available on VOD and Digital, Stallone: Frank, That Is also features interviews with Richie Sambora and Frank’s late mother Jackie Stallone.