‘What You Wish For’ Review – Nick Stahl Toplines Tightly Wound Culinary Thriller

What You Wish For - Magnet Releasing

Hitting theaters and VOD May 31, “What You Wish” For is a first rate thriller that is anchored by a solid performance from Nick Stahl as a struggling chef named Ryan. Escaping his gambling debuts, Ryan travels to an unnamed Laation American country to reunite with fellow chef and friend Jack (Brian Groh). Check out our CinemAddicts review to find out if “What You Wish For” is worth your time!

Ryan (Nick Stahl) is absolutely envious of Jack (Brian Groh) thanks to Jack’s highly well paid job as a chef. When a turn of events gives Ryan the chance to relish in this extravagant lifestyle and pay off his gambling debuts, he is immediately game.

Nick Stahl in WHAT YOU WISH FOR, a Magnet release. Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing.

But carefuly “what you wish for,” as Ryan gradually discovers that this seemingly cushy job comes with a definite price. Both Bruce Purkey and I recommend this twist filled and involving thriller. At 101 minutes, this movie did not drag and Stahl does a great job as an opportunist who is in over his head.

Co-stars Tamsin Topolski and Juan Carlos Messier are also excellent as Imogene and Maurice, the mysterious figures who seemingly hold Ryan’s fate in their hands.

Tamsin Topolski in WHAT YOU WISH FOR, a Magnet release. Photo courtesy of Magnet Releasing.

Check out our review of “What You Wish” For in podcast and YouTube form below:

Directed and written by Nicholas Tomnay, “What You Wish For” hits theaters and VOD May 31.

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