‘In A Violent Nature’ Review: Horror Masterpiece or Disappointing Slasher?

Photos courtesy of Pierce Derks - an IFC Films and Shudder release.

This week’s CinemAddicts features our review of “In A Violent Nature,” a horror film that is getting a ton of attention. In theaters May 31, the feature centers on a vengeful spirit named Johnny (Ry Barrett) who is resurrected after a locket is removed from a fire tower in the woods. Running at 94 minutes, the feature is written and directed by Chris Nash. Check out our review below!

In A Violent Nature: An IFC Films and Shudder Release

CinemAddicts co-host Eric Holmes loved “In A Violent Nature,” and after recording our latest episode he decided to see the movie a second time. I also recommend the feature, as the movie’s kills should appeal to horror/slasher enthusiasts.

Ry Barrett as “Johnny” in “In A Violent Nature.” Courtesy of Pierce Derks. An IFC Films and Shudder Release

The picture also takes the POV of the killer, and the narrative has a ton of walking in the woods sequences. Though extremely gory, the picture is also atmospheric and methodically paced. Disappointed co-host Bruce Purkey believes the movie will be the most overly praised horror film of the year. At least two of us dug “In A Violent Nature!”

Check out our “In A Violent Nature” review on this week’s CinemAddcts:

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Will you be seeing In “A Violent Nature” when it hits theaters on May 31? Let us know your thoughts on the movie in the comments!