Narrative Card Game ‘Signs of the Sojourner’ Hits Steam

Signs of the Sojourner - Echodog Games
With movies taking up much of my time, gaming and everything has taken a back seat to my love for cinema. Signs of the Sojourner could change all that, as the “introspective narrative” from Echodog Games is being touted as a game that spotlights the “art of human connection.” Color me sold!!!
Signs of the Sojourner – Echodog Games

Now available for PC and Mac via Steam, Signs of the Sojourner is set in the near future where the world is severely affected by climate change. The coming-of-age tale is told through card counter conversations, and gamers will use these cards to enchance and navigate through this hopefully immersive universe.

In this world of self-quarantine and social distancing, a game which assumedly requires exploring and meeting different individuals is very appealing on a universal level. Thus, I am definitely excited to give this game a shot.

Card playing, whether in physical form or gaming, is not my forte, but a title that focuses on human conversation and connection simply grabbled my attention. I’ll be requesting a Steam Key from the developers and check this game out this week and report back.