Puzzle Platformer ‘REZ PLZ’ Weaves Brotherly Tale Of Sacrifice

New twist on the genre may make 'REZ PLZ' an intriguing gaming experience.

If I had ample time on my art, pixel art adventure titles would be one of my go to adventures of choice. I am definitely intrigued by the puzzle platformer REZ PLZ which hits Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Steam on July 15.

REZ PLZ will have gamers take control of two wizard brothers with the power of resurrection (the title is available for solo play as well). Solving puzzles and overcoming platform challenges, as well as defeating fire breathing monsters seems very familiar, but I’m loving the following twist the game has to offer; in order to advance in the game you will have to kill one of the brothers!!

This theme of strategic sacrifice is a nice subversion of the genre, and since the gameplay in the trailer looks entertaining, I’ll be giving this $14.99 title a shot this month. Since I have no friends, co-op mode simply isn’t in the offing, but single player mode in a pixel art infused universe is totally fine by me.

REZ PLZ is the perfect game to sit down on the couch and play with a companion to pass time,” said Nathan Pearce, developer at Long Neck Games. “And time will fly as you’ll work together to solve puzzles and laugh at the many ways you can die. Home alone? Then try Remote Play on Steam to play with a friend or take on the challenges alone in single-player mode.”

Check out the trailer and offer up your thoughts on REZ PLZ!

Coming out on July 15, REZ PLZ is now available for pre-order on Xbox One and Switch (it can also be wishlisted on Steam).