Policewoman Thriller ‘Collar X Malice’ Hits Nintendo Switch In June

More details have been revealed by Akysys Games about their upcoming interactive fiction game Collar X Malice. The story focuses on a young policewoman who is trakcing down a terrorist organization that is wreaking havoic throughout the cirty. Game details below!

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After a terrorist organization’s brutal attack, the officer is fitted with a poisonous collar that can kill the policewoman at any given moment. Five strangers aid her in the quest, but it’s up to gamer to figure out who to trust on the way to saving the city! This game will be followed up by the August release of Collar X – Unlimited (this will be the first time this title has been published outside of Japan).

Game features include:
  1. Test Your Investigative Skills – The lethal collar may kill you, but it’s the only key to solving the secrets that could take down the organization!
  2. Choose Your Decisions And Friends Carefully – Every clue and decision you make leads to multiple endings, which also gives you the chance for new options with every replay.
  3. Unleash The Mystery – Along with the suspense that’s inherent in the title, Collar X Malice also features eye catching visuals.

Collar X Malice is now available for preorder and debuts on the Nintendo Switch this June!