RPG Adventure ‘Space Robinson’ Set For Beta Launch Late August

"Space Robinson" - Developer: Luxorix Games. Publisher: Alawar Premium
The RPG space adventure Space Robinson, catchy moniker and all, is headed for beta later this month. Details on the top down shooter/weapons builder is below!

“Space Robinson” – Developer: Luxorix Games. Publisher: Alawar Premium

In development by Luxorix Games and set to be published by Alawar Premium, Space Robinson has players adventuring to a distant planet as the titular character. Robinson is a space engineer who is surrounded by a countless horde of enemies. By collecting resources, building protective turrets, and of course shooting his enemies, Robinson is trying to live as long as possible.

The trailer for this RPG adventure is pretty eye catching, and it’s feels like an immersive pick up and play title that should be worth one’s time. Obviously things can only improve through the beta process, but these are just some of the features one will experience:

  1. Planets are procedurally generated and contain secret caches and resources. This leads to a different experience with each playthrough.
  2. The ability to discover resources and craft equipment.
  3. Along with building turrets, players can also collect bot-assistants.
  4. Find your way out of the doomed planet by exploring all of the locations.
  5. Space Robinson’s vision changes as the day turns into night.

For further details and updates on the title, go to https://www.space-robinson.com/.