James Franco Dreams Of ‘A Place in the Sun’ In ‘Zeroville’ Trailer

James Franco and Jacki Weaver in "Zeroville." (YouTube Screenshot)
Hollywood’s Golden Age yielded its share of classic movies, and Zeroville’s tip of the hat to A Place in the Sun is why I’m giving this James Franco film a shot. Details on the film and its trailer is below.

James Franco plays Vikar a cinephile wandering through 1969 Hollywood with a tattoo of his favorite movie (A Place in the Sun) tattooed on his shaved head. Vikar may be eccentric, but he probably has met his match with the cast of characters he encounters in Tinseltown. Jacki Weaver is an editor who, I’m assuming, gives Vitar a few lessons on how to cut a film, and Megan Fox chimes in as a beautiful actress who catches his eye.

According to Yahoo!, Zeroville (which is based on the Steve Ericson novel)) was actually shot in 2014 and is finally getting its release. A big clue that this movie was shot a half decade ago is Joey King looks really young in the flick. Seth Rogen, Franco’s collaborator on The Interview and The Disaster Artist, co-stars in the flick. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!

Zeroville hits theaters September 20.


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