‘Heaven is for Real’ Journey Inspires Thomas Haden Church


Signs are supposedly everywhere, but sometimes we need a few life events to push us in certain directions. If our antennas are just tuned into to the right moment, and we will pick up certain signals which could send us off into an entirely different and unexpected direction.

For Thomas Haden Church, taking part in Heaven is for Real was partly inspired by his own conversations with ambitious filmmaker Randall Wallace, whose directing credits include We Were Soldiers and The Man in the Iron Mask. A bit of synchronicity also played into his decision, as he had never seen the actual book that the script was based on until he visited the home of a recently departed friend.

The book was laying on the coffee table, and after his friend’s wife told Church that it helped her through her tough times, the actor came to a decision.

“This is either one of those ‘whatever’ and walk away moments, because I am a bit of a skeptical guy,” said Church, who visited the house just a half hour after talking to Wallace on the phone. “I’ve worked in the industry for 25 years. But then I thought maybe this is that other moment where this family, faith-based message film is the right thing that I should do right now.”

For Thomas Haden Church, it was an inspired choice in taking the role of Jay Wilkins, Todd Burpo’s friend and fellow congregation member, in Heaven is for Real.

During our interview with the Texas based actor, he talked about how his current thoughts on heaven. It’s a long clip, but it’s definitely a memorable one. Check it out below:

Heaven is for Real is now playing nationwide.