Alessandra De Rossi Explores Criminal Underworld In Philippines Set ‘Watch List”

Action thriller co-starring 'Almost Paradise' actor Arthur Acuña hits virtual theaters August 21.

Watch List, an action thriller set in the Philippines, features Alessandra De Rossi as Maria, a woman whose husband is murdered under mysterious circumstances. Maria believes her husband was unjustly framed.

With her husband dead and left to take care of her three children, Maria (Alessandra De Rossi) is still determined to uncover the reason for this tragic accident. As she explores the Filipino crime syndicate and comes across cops who may have their own motives, Maria realizes that the answer to her question isn’t so cut and dry.

As a Filipino American, I am definitely here to support Filipino cinema. The only film from the Philippines I’ve seen is 2018’s BuyBust, and that problem definitely needs to be corrected! Directed by Ben Rekhi, the picture co-stars Jake Makapagal and Almost Paradise actor Arthur Acuña.

The thriller from Dark Star Pictures and Uncork’d Entertainment, hits virtual theaters August 21. Viewers can also catch it On Demand come September 1.

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