Jermaine Harris Discusses Time And The Nuances Of ‘The Map of Tiny Perfect Things’

Feature, co-starring Kyle Allen and Kathryn Newton, is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.



In The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Jermaine Harris (Ballers) is Henry, a videogame playing teen who is best buds with Mark (Kyle Allen). Henry ultimately serves as a bridge to Mark and Margaret (Kathryn Newton), two youths who are stuck in a time loop. Time is a big part of our conversation with Harris, who makes his movie debut with The Map of Tiny Perfect Things.


As much as I loved Margaret and Alan’s storyline, Mark spends the narrative playing a videogame. Since I’ve been watching and reporting on movies for thirty years, one of my biggest fantasies is to sit on a couch and play RPG titles on my Xbox One for hours on ends. That dream still eludes me!!

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, directed by Ian Samuels, is now streaming on Prime Video. Tell us what you think of the movie, and our interview with Jermaine Harris is below!

How excited were you to land this role, especially since it is an engaging story with a ton of things to say.

Harris: Dude yes, when I read it I was like “Oh my gosh.” I was already a fan of Groundhog Day and just the aspect of time anomalies as it is. I was already super hyped about it and reading it too. Aside from the aspects of being stuck in a time loop, just the messages that it’s saying and that it is sending out. Everyone can resonate with that (regarding) having time and just how precious it actually is for everyone.

If anything, it’s more important know because everyone is experiencing the same thing. We are all stuck with time and that’s all we have is time. It’s all what we do with it. I was really blessed to have the experience to do it.


As far as noticing the nuances of life and appreciating people, is that part of your own skill set as an actor?

Harris: To me as a person, even aside from my profession, I’ve always been interested in just people. That, and just spending time and actually looking at people. Like “Why do you do this?” and “What causes you to do this?.” Certain mannerisms people do, I will pay attention to.

Just that aspect of making sure you’re paying attention to these subtle things that people do so when you do have the opportunity to tell that story or portray this person, you will already kind of have it in your arsenal. I do that all the time. I’ll look at documentaries of just different people from different time periods. People study as well – what they were thinking at the time and how they acted and behaved. Why not, you know? That is part of the skill set in being an actor.

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Right off the top, how excited are you for your future as an actor? Is it an exciting time for you?

It’s for sure exciting because one it’s my first feature film. I got to finally have my foot in this little pool. Now I can see the horizon and it’s time to continue climbing on top of this and continue to get on top of this mountain as far as my aspirations go. Being able to be blessed enough to be a part of this project is one a blessing in itself.

It gets me exciting for sure because I already knew what I wanted to do but as far as within our industry, whether it’s television or movies or teleplays . . . now that I’ve done either one, movies are amazing. I love making movies but all of it’s amazing and I’m super excited about the future and what God has for me for my own career.

What is one of your all time favorite movies and how does it resonate with you today?

One of my all time favorite movies is The Godfather. It’s got to be The Godfather and Boyz N The Hood. Both of those movies are similar in that you have this guy who is brought into this life but it’s all about what he does with the situation versus letting it take control of him or does he adapt to the situation or is he better than situation. Both of those are going to be my biggest ones.

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Jermaine thank you for your time!

Thanks man. Thank you!

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