Rose Leslie Finds New “Game” With “Honeymoon” Thriller


Known to millions of Game of Thrones fans as the fearless wildling warrior Ygritte, Rose Leslie traverses new ground with the psychological thriller Honeymoon. The narrative focuses on Paul and Bea (Penny Dreadful’s Harry Treadaway, Leslie), newlyweds who spend their honeymoon at Bea’s family cabin. With a nearby lake and seclusion as their bedside companions, the pair are ready for several days of pure bliss.

Their loving bond breaks when a nighttime venture into the woods leaves Bea a physically and emotionally changed woman. Not only does she forget how to cook French toast for breakfast (a worried Paul takes over food duties), Bea furtively continues to write her own name in a notebook. Directed by Leigh Janiak, Honeymoon is a tense, atmospheric, and ultimately scary journey into a once loving couple’s gradual undoing.

During the Honeymoon interviews (I will post a review of Honeymoon as well as other features on the film in the near future), I asked Rose Leslie about Game of Thrones and getting the chance to utter the iconic and much beloved line “You know nothing Jon Snow!” I also, in relation to Honeymoon, asked if she makes a better French Toast than Mr. Treadaway. Her response is below:

“First and foremost, I make the best French Toast. Secondly, I feel incredibly privileged and extremely humbled to be part of such a global phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. I had an utter blast for the three seasons that I was on it. And I feel so much warmth and admiration to the loyal and passionate fans and I love that they enjoy the catchphrase and they love that catchphrase. It’s a huge privilege to have been a part of it. It really is.”

Harry Treadaway & Rose Leslie in Honeymoon (Magnet Releasing)
Harry Treadaway & Rose Leslie in Honeymoon (Magnet Releasing)

To hear Rose Leslie’s full version, check out the Soundcloud audio below (Treadaway is also heard in the tail end of the clip):

Honeymoon hits theaters, On Demand, and iTunes on September 12.

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