Interview: Jérôme Salle and Joanna Kulig Talk ‘Kompromat’


Now out in theaters, digital and On Demand, Kompromat is a first rate action thriller that is based on true events. Directed by Jérôme Salle, the story centers on Mattieu (Gilles Lellouce), a French diplomat who is accused of a crime in Irkutsk. Joanna Kulig (Cold War) is Svetlana, the Russian woman who may hold the key to his escape. Kulig and Salle talked to Deepest Dream about this gem of a movie.

Gilles Lellouche in Kompromat (Magnet Releasing)

The Kompromat interview starts with asking my asking Jérôme Salle about juggling so many different set-ups during production. The feature is an ambitious one, as the plethora of locations (prison, Matthieu’s house, the French embassy, the snowy outdoors) give the feature an epic scope.

Audio version of the Salle and Kulig interview is featured on CinemAddicts:
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Eric Holmes: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Bruce Purkey and Greg Srisavasdi: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

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“To be able to handle that, you need to work a lot before so that the movie is really deep your bones and your flesh and in your soul before you start shooting on the set,” said Salle, whose previous directing credits include The Odyssey and Zulu. “If you really have the movie inside, you’re able to move fast and use your instincts on set and keep everything clear.”

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Joanna Kulig is a Polish actress who is fluent in several languages. This is her first movie playing a Russian character, and in the film Svetlana also speaks French to Matthieu. That said, she communicated with Gilles Lellouche in English during production!

Joanna Kulig in Kompromat (Magnet Releasing)

“For me, being with different cultures is something which I really, really like,” said Kulig. “Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s nice. But in the end, I think when you have to cross your own comfort zone and you have to act with different languages which is not the same like in Polish. It’s interesting, it’s exciting, (and) it’s hard. But when you have this, you feel like you have your own multiverse – your experience is bigger.”

Video interview with Salle and Kulig is below:

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