Deon Taylor And Andrew Bachelor Talk ‘Fear’ And Accomplishing Goals


Deon Taylor directs and co-writes the new horror feature Fear. As a fan of his previous movies, which include Black and Blue and Supremacy, I am looking forward to checking Fear out. Co-star Andrew Bachelor and Taylor talked to Deepest Dream about the film and how they both approach their respective craft.

Described as a “psychological horror film,” Fear centers on a group of friends who hang out during a weekend giveaway at a historic hotel. Each guest faces their own worst fear, which ultimately leads to tragic results. Check out our interview with Deon Taylor and Andrew Bachelor via Q&A, podcast, and video form below:

Deon, is horror a genre you have always wanted to tackle?

Deon Taylor: I love the genre. Obviously it’s something that I jump in and out of a lot. I think I really am driven to make films for audiences and I think those movies spark that.

So Black and Blue is an audience movie, The Intruder was an audience movie (and) Traffik. I think I always try to get that message inside of these films. This movie is very quickly becoming one of my favorite movies based on the fact that what it represents and what it is.

Joseph Sikora, Annie Ilonzeh, Ruby Modine, Andew Bachelor in “Fear” (Hidden Empire Film Group)

Also, me having a chance to work with my brother again, Andew Bachelor, who I think is arguably getting ready to become the best we have in the space. He’s a student of the business and of the craft and of the art. I think this movie – him, T.I., Joseph Sikora, Annie Ilonzeh, and Ruby Modine . . . it sort of became a film school for all of us.

Me as a director as well, learned there is another level to this and we’ve got to hit it right now or we’re not going to deliver what we are going to deliver.

Andrew Bachelor in Fear (Hidden Empire Film Group)

Can both of you talk about how you approach your craft. With you Andrew, what does it take to get to that mountain?

Andrew Bachelor: It’s passion. That’s what drives me. Overcoming the fear of failure. Embracing the fear of failure. Knowing you have to put in the hours and dedication and everything for it to work.

A normal person going to a job, they do a 9 to 5. I’m going to sleep at four in the morning, because if I have an idea, I have to write something or I need to think of something for the next day, I stay up and I get it done.

That’s the pros and the cons of being your own businessman.

Listen to my full interview with Deon Taylor and Andrew Bachelor on CinemAddicts (Spotify and Apple Podcasts):

Do you see a kinship with Deon regarding how you approach your business?

Oh yeah. Deon knows hustle more than anyone knows hustle. If you know Deon’s story, you know he built himself to where he is today by believing in himself. By having that faith in himself. By becoming a fearless man. You have to be fearless to be in the position where Deon is.

You’ve got to do your research on Deon but you’ll see his movies have progressed to become independent movies that have blockbuster numbers. How is that possible? So yeah, that’s a shout out to Deon and his hustle.

For you Deon, complacency is not a part of your equation. What keeps you moving forward?

Interesting. Bach thank you for that. I love this dude. I don’t know man maybe it’s the fear of not having enough opportunity to do it.

As a director, I came in a world where I made a movie and (thought), ‘Damn, we got one done. I wonder if I can make it again.’ After you get so many nos you just become immune to the regular world. You’re just trying to keep going. If you look in the rear view mirror, you’ll crash.

I’ve always been like, ‘Okay, I’m done with that. It’s there. I’m gone.’ Hopefully they will feel it. Hopefully they will see it.

More importantly hopefully one day everyone will go, ‘Damn this dude was really doing something special in the moment that no one else is doing.’

I feel a very close relationship with Bach because when you are unconventional, people don’t understand what you are so they don’t accept you. That’s for anybody in life. You do something differently or weirder or just a little bit out the box, people go ‘What the hell is that?’ And they don’t understand – they bash it.

What happened to me earlier in my career, (people said) ‘Look at this guy making these damn little movies’ and then it became like Bach said. The audience discovered me and the movies discovered them and then it becomes something different. So that is a fear as well – it’s learning and jumping out there and trying something you’ve never tried.

I’d like to say Bach, myself, and probably you as well, we’re first generation. No one in you family did what you’re doing right now. I can guarantee you that! We’re first generation, so we have to be fearless. When we make a movie like this, that’s why it means everything.

This movie is dealing with what I’ve been dealing with my whole life which is fear. And how do you fight it and how do you overcome it.

Guess what, not everyone is going to make it out of this film because they succumb to fear.

Thank you guys so much for your time and continued success! Looking forward to seeing your movie.

Deon Taylor: Thank you bro, can’t wait for you to see it. Please let us know what you think – for real!

Fear, co-starring Joseph Sikora, Ruby Modine, and T.I., hits theaters January 27.

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