Find Your Film Spotlight: Ralph Bakshi’s Wizardry (‘Coonskin,’ ‘Wizards,’ ‘Last Days of Coney Island’)

Co-hosts Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey elaborate on what makes Bakshi an intriging and singular artist.

On the latest episode of Find Your Film, we discuss Ralph Bakshi’s features Coonskin, Wizards, and Last Days of Coney Island. Co-host Eric Holmes picked Bakshi as he’s a fan of the filmmaker’s approach to storytelling and his art. Timecode breakdown as well as the audio is featured in our post!


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Listening to Ralph Bakshi’s engaging and insightful interview with Cartoonist Kayfabe is a must listen if you’re getting your feet wet with his work. There are levels to Coonskin and Wizards that really surprised me, and I’m looking forward to devouring all of his films (and if I ever scrape two nickels to my name, I’m definitely purchasing some of his art and merch).

Props to Eric Holmes for picking Bakshi for our latest director’s spotlight. Bruce Purkey and Holmes round out the episode discussing his 2015 short Last Days of Coney Island.

Ralph Bakshi Episode Breakdown

0:00 – Intro – Eric Holmes’ choice is Ralph Bakshi
2:58 – Bruce Purkey compares Ralph Bakshi to John Waters.
3:44 – Bruce on the first time he saw Wizards.
4:25 – I recollect the first time I saw the poster of Fire and Ice
5:21 – On why Eric Holmes chose Coonskin and Wizards.
7:10 – I briefly discuss Ralph Bakshi’s time at Terrytoons. Definitely check out Ralph Bakshi’s awesome interview courtesy of Cartoonist Kayfabe.
9:53 – Eric offers up his thoughts on Coonskin.
13:41 – Bruce discusses the controversial side of Coonskin (part of the movie’s fabric is a critique of Disney’s Song of the South).
22:50 – Purkey elaborates on what makes Coonskin a fascinating watch.
25:14 – Eric Holmes provides the intro to Wizards.
29:53 – Bruce on the artistry of Wizards (which includes rotoscoping)
32:46 – Eric on Baskhi’s narrative styles on the three films, and compares them to poems.
35:16 – Bruce talks about the “You Killed Fritz” scene in Wizards.
36:20 – Some more Fritz the Cat and Robert Crumb talk.
38:25 – Eric on the “idgaf” attitude of Ralph Bakshi.
40:00 – Some Wizards trivia.
42:26 – Eric on what makes Bakshi a unique artist and filmmaker.
43:36 – I loved the title track for Wizards which was sung by actress/performer Susan Anton.
46:02 – Eric delivers his thoughts on Last Days of Coney Island.
49:27 – Out of all three movies profiled this week, Eric is personally drawn to the world of Last Days of Coney Island.
52:03 – Bruce and Eric briefly talk about Cool World.
52:30 – You can purchase art work from Ralph Bakshi at his official site.
55:00 – Eric’s final thoughts on Ralph Bakshi and remembers a memory regarding Fritz the Cat.
56:38 – Eric talks about the Wizards DVD.
57:26 – Bruce’s final thoughts on Bakshi.
57:54 – Our next director’s spotlight will be Ronald Neame, as we will discuss the movies The Poseidon Adventure and Hopscotch (Eric Holmes has already purchased a copy!!).
58:52 – Eric Holmes has two Gift Cards available via EntertainMart!! Hit him up at!!!
60:03 – Eric on the importance of physical media!! Bruce has his own DVD but this one is of The Poseidon Adventure!!

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