‘Pressure Overdrive’ Races (And Shoots Its Way) To Xbox One And PlayStation 4

Chasing Carrots released their arcade style game Pressure on PC over four years ago, and now the Stuttgart based studio has come back with its higher octane and overhauled sequel Pressure Overdrive. Details on the driving/shoot’em up title is below!

Pressure OverdriveFeaturing 30 levels, the plotline is simple yet effective; gamers are tasked with operating a steam-powered buggy through various landscapes in an attempt to take down Count Soap, an evil man who has depleted the rivers to fill his gigantic ‘Uber-Spa.’ With a slew of monster machines and vehicles in the way, players must ram and shoot their way to survival until the inevitable showdown.

Pressure Overdrive

A couch co-op, additional weapons, twin stick control scheme, tutorial level and an endless mode are part of the game’s dynamic.  “We have put a lot of time and energy into developing Pressure Overdrive,” said Josef Vorbeck, producer at Chasing Carrots. “The result is a game that will appeal to all sorts of players and let everyone have a great time, regardless of their genre prefences. We are very proud of that.”

Pressure Overdrive - Chasing Carrots

Pressure Overdrive hits Steam (Windows, Linux, MacOS) July 25 and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on July 26. I’ll be requesting a console code shortly and post a review once I have a few hours of the game under my belt. The title’s beautiful and intricate top down visuals have me intrigued, and coupled with the arcade style gameplay, this should be a keeper. Check out the trailer and feel free to offer up your thoughts on Pressure Overdrive below!!

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