Wizzard Race - Masscare Mode (Pluxon, Inc)

Wizzard Race Weaves iOS 3D Magic In August


Wizards are usually casting spells and creating magic in their respective kingdoms, yet sometimes they may feel the need for speed. The 3D game Wizzard Race, which send players racing against fellow spellcasters in a magical land called Certamen, is slated for release on iOS, Android and Windows phone in August.

Massacre1There’s gold, a bit of glory, as well as the chance to possess the spirit of Eneth in the offing, as wizards will mount their respective broomsticks and race ’til the cows come home. Developed with the Unity 3D engine (always a good sign), the app is the first release from game development company Pluxon Inc. The dev team cite  the Harry Potter franchise and Crash Team Racing as influences for this mobile racing game.

A slew of creatures serve as impediments to your journey, which features runner, time trial, and racing battle style gamplay (they are aptly named Circuit, Time Stamp, and Massacre modes).

Pluxon, Inc. claims over 10,000 hours were spent developing the title, and so far app enthusiasts have been treated to a launch trailer and a collection of gamplay photos. Since I’m a runner/racer fan, Wizzard Race is definitely on my to-play list, and I’ll report more on this title when it hits the app store.


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