Tower Defense Title ‘Hipster Attack’ Hits iOS And Android On August 16

I woke up this morning to one of the most amusing press releases I’ve seen in years. Hipster Attack is just around around the corner, and I’m loving the game’s original approach to the well worn Tower Defense genre.

A swarm of hipsters are taking up way too much space at the local coffee house, and it’s up to the office manager to get these cooler than thou folks out of the establishment. HR reps are utilized to throw paper and job applications at the hipsters to shoo them away. Other weapons employed include donuts, power up coffee makers and a super ability called the “Statue of Hipsterity” which freezes people in place. Baits that can be used to lure the hipsters including setting an “urban tra” that uses hot espresso and flashy sunglasses for bait.

Gamers start off as a junior HR employee and they’ll climb up the ranks to the corporate team as they deploy security guards, the logistics senior and cleaning lady to keep the coffee shop relatively hipster free.

Check out the kale and humor infused trailer below:

Hipster Attack launches August 16 on iOS and Android with an August 17 release on Steam via Televisor Studio. Are you a fan of Tower Defense titles and is Hipster Attack on your radar? Feel free to comment below!!