‘Max Cloud’ Actors Elliot James Langridge And Sally Collett Talk Writing Journey And Cinema Passions

Tommy Flanagan, Elliot James Langridge, Sally Collett, Scott Adkins in "Max Cloud." (Well Go USA)
Max Cloud, a retro gamer action comedy toplined by Scott Adkins, is now available on VOD. Find Your Film co-hosts Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey talked to co-stars Sally Collett and Elliot James Langridge about the feature as well as their own writing experiences.

Elliot James Langridge, Scott Adkins, Tommy Flanagan and Sally Collett in “Max Cloud.” (Well Go USA)

Max Cloud, also known as The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud, centers on a teenager (Isabelle Allen) who is caught in a 16-bit side scrolling adventure. Scott Adkins plays the titular video game character, with Elliot James Langridge and Sally Collett playing characters in the adventure.

The talented ensemble, which also stars Tommy Flanagan, John Hannah, and Lashana Lynch, is directed by Killers Anonymous filmmaker Martin Owen. 

Along with Max Cloud, we also review The Midnight Sky and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom on our latest episode:

Collett, Langridge, and Owen are friends, and they worked once again on the upcoming feature Twist (which is discussed in depth on the podcast). 

Max Cloud inspired Purkey and Holmes to discuss their favorite video games from a decade gone by:

It’s interesting to witness the filmmaking ecosystem that they have created (I loved Killers Anonymous and enjoyed Max Cloud as well), and it will be interesting to see how far they can take this creative journey.

The interviews are back to back on the podcast, and if you are interested in screenwriting, both Langridge and Collett (she also co-wrote Max Cloud) have insightful things to say about the process. Take a listen to the podcast below (timecode breakdown included):

Max Cloud Interviews

Elliot James Langridge
5:17 – Elliot James Langridge on his friendship and collaborative origins with director Martin Owen.
7:02 – On how he initially approached his role (he referenced such films Jumanji).
8:55 – Elliot talks about his writing in relation to his “labor of love” project No Hopers. He also adds that writing is “therapeutic” for him.
11:38 – A “massive film buff,” Elliot loved 1980s/90s thrillers like Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct.
13:46 – Elliot on what made Northern Soul a special experience. He also talks about a thriller he worked on called We The Kings. As far as movies he fees are underrated, he cites the movie Alpha Dog (he compliments Ben Foster’s performance). Other movies he recommends is the Hugh Jackman/Jake Gyllenhaal feature Prisoners
Sally Collett
20:48 – Sally on being friends and collaborators with Elliot James Langridge and director Martin Owen.
22:55 – On being new at writing and she, in self-deprecating fashion, talks about having “imposter syndrome.” She also adds that Max Cloud was a big deal for her.
24:50 – What she learned as a writer from her Max Cloud experience.
26:47 – On the “lovable dork” aspect of Max Cloud – she describes him as “Ron Burgundy inside Buzz Lightyear’s costume.”
28:40 – On the video game nuances of Max Cloud. She also reflects on how her own gaming history influenced the script.
31:00 – Sally on loving the film Step Brothers. As far as movies that inspire her as a writer, she cites Eddie The Eagle and Hunt for the Wilderpeople.
34:18 – Sally Collett talks about her next project Twist.
35:00 – On the rewriting process of Twist.
41:42 – The genesis of writing Max Cloud came from the availability of a spaceship!
43:11 – As a writer, she goes for her instincts first and without much of a filter when penning a first draft. She also talks about a short film she completed called Bounce.
49:18 – Sally also wants to pen more comedic scripts as comedy is a big passion.

Max Cloud is now available on VOD.

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