Find Your Film Recommends ‘Max Cloud,’ ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ And ‘Spontaneous’

We also keep our "let's mention Mario Bava" on every podcast streak alive!

Elliot James Langridge, Scott Adkins, Tommy Flanagan and Sally Collett in "Max Cloud." (Well Go USA)


This week on Find Your Film our “biggest” movie is The Midnight Sky, and ultimately two out our trio recommend the flick (Bruce Purkey gave it the proverbial thumbs down). Well all agreed, however, that the retro gamer comedy Max Cloud (aka The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud) is escapist fare that’s well worth a look.

Max Cloud centers on Sarah (Isabelle Allen), a teenage gamer who accidentally opens a partoal into her addictive side-scroller. Now she’s trapped in a video game as another person, and it’s up to her friend Cowboy (Franz Drameh) as well as Max Cloud (Scott Adkins) to help her get back in the real world.

Once I got into the game and storytelling mechanics of Max Cloud, I was more than happy to turn off my analytical brain for some solid entertainment. Eric Holmes is a huge Adkins fan, and all three of us at some point in our lives have been gamers. Thus the film absolutely appealed to us, and hopefully this indie feature will carve out its share of supporters. The feature is now out on VOD and digital platforms. Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes also interviewed screenwriter/actress Sally Collett and co-star Elliot James Langridge, and I will be posting those chats this week on our Find Your Film podcast feed.

Along with Max Cloud and The Midnight Sky, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Spontaneous, Northern Soul (which co-stars Elliot James Langridge) and We Are Little Zombies are also reviewed. Check out our breakdown and podcast below! Thank you for your support!

Find Your Film December 17 Episode Breakdown

 :24 – Bruce Purkey watches a lot of movies.
1:37 – Eric Holmes discusses the RPG game he’s been working on which will tie into the movie he plans to direct.
5:00 – Eric Holmes will do a movie rewind on Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath for next episode. (Bruce Purkey and I reviewed the movie on separate occasions in previous episodes).
5:48 – Bruce Purkey was “ordered” by me (no joke I did demand it!) to watch the Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep feature Falling In Love.
8:09 – Purkey was “emotionally struck” by the final scene in Falling in Love.
9:28 – Bruce also adds that Falling In Love was a sneakily ambitious film as a lot of scenes are shot on the crowded streets of New York.
10:28 – I disagree with Bruce – I dig the Falling in Love soundtrack!
11:33 – We review The Midnight Sky, a Netflix feature directed and starring George Clooney.
14:42 – Eric gives it a half-recommend; he loved the visuals and he liked the Clooney sequences. He was not as heavily invested in the space crew. He would recommend the film.
17:21 – I would also recommend The Midnight Sky, as I really loved the story when it focused on George Clooney’s character. Like Eric, I wasn’t heavily invested in the space crew’s journey.
18:30 – Bruce Purkey has a new poem for TMS called “Slog.”
19:23 – Purkey does not recommend The Midnight Sky.
25:20 – Eric would have preferred Nick Offerman as the lead in The Midnight Sky.
26:43 – I wanted a more subtle hand with The Midnight Sky, but Eric Holmes disagrees and loved the score.
29:33 – Eric Holmes talks about The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud interviews he conducted with Bruce Purkey.
32:33 – “It’s a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” – Holmes on The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud
33:25 – Bruce Purkey enjoyed the film, and he loved the intricacies of the actual video game.
36:28 – The movie is directed by Martin Owen, who also helmed last year’s Killers Anonymous (a movie I enjoyed).
38:35 – Bruce talks about interviewing Sally Collett and Elliot James Langridge with Eric Holmes.
40:21 – Bruce’s first recommendation is Spontaneous which stars Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer. He has high praise for the movie.
47:32 – I highly recommend Netflix’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. Features Chadwick Boseman’s last performance (he plays a trumpeter). Viola Davis plays Ma Rainey. Hits Netflix December 18.
52:20 – Eric Holmes makes an understandable exit!
53:45 – Bruce assesses Eric Holmes as an interviewer.
57:00 – I talk about what we are trying to do with our Find Your Seen website.
58:33 – Bruce hopes our podcast will bring a “constant discovery” for cinema lovers.
59:03 – Bruce recommends Northern Soul, which stars The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud Elliot James Langridge.
64:30 – Bruce did a video with Eric Holmes about their favorite 90s video games. It will be up on his Rustomire YouTube Channel.
66:27 – The Ida Lupino directed feature Outrage was marked for preservation by the Library of Congress’ in the National Film Registry. To listen to our podcast on Ida Lupino and her films Outrage, The Hitch-Hiker, and On Dangerous Ground, go here:
69:43 – Bruce’s final recommendation is We Are Little Zombies which he describes as “incredible.” Before you watch this movie, try checking out the director’s short And So We Put Goldfish In The Pool. Purkey describes as We Are Little Zombies  a “multimedia extravaganza of insanity.”
76:47 – Bruce has a new “Whats In The Box” segment wherein listeners suggest movies for him to watch. He puts these suggestions in the box and then is tasked with watching the random movie he picks. First up is from Angie Clark – The Lives of Others.
81:00 – I’m going to go for one Meryl Streep movie a week. Should I call it “Streep A Week” or “Streep Tease” (Bruce’s Choice). Btw, with the current climate, I am totally not going tocall it “Streep Tease!”

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