Joaquin Phoenix’s Powerhouse Performance Fuels Cinematic Madness Of ‘Joker’

Joker is a character study of madness. Traditionally, these sorts of movies will show a person descending slowly from relative normalcy towards insanity. Joker, however, is focussed on one Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a man who is already a 9 or 10 on the crazy meter as the film opens.

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HBO Crime Series ‘The Night Of’ Hits Blu-Ray & DVD In October


The acclaimed HBO crime series The Night Of is headed to Blu-ray and DVD on October 18. The eight episode project, created by Oscar winning writer Steven Zaillian and Oscar nominated scribe and novelist Richard Price (The Color of Money, Clockers), is headlined by Riz Ahmed and John Turturro (he worked with Price on Clockers).

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‘Dirty Grandpa’ Drops New Teaser Poster And Images

Dirty Grandpa - Zac Efron & Robert De Niro


January is usually a month where studios dump their worst movies of the year. It makes a ton of sense, especially since we’ve already been inundated with critically acclaimed movies which, in turn, braces us for another round of awards season.

The trailer to Dirty Grandpa, which opens January 22, gives me some hope that this movie will actually be funny, and seeing if Robert De Niro and Zac Efron will work as a comedic duo actually has my interests peaked.

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Jane Lynch Is Ready For Round Two of ‘Hollywood Game Night’

Hollywood Game NightThe second season of Hollywood Game Night begins tonight (NBC, 8 pm et/pt), as Jane Lynch (Glee) hosts another series of party games featuring an array of celebrities. On the show, two contestants hang out with various stars and compete for a shot to win up to $25,000. Considering the state of our economy, a bit of festivity, along with the promise of cash, isn’t such a bad thing.

“I think it’s how much fun everybody has,” says Lynch when asked about the show’s appeal. “We all love watching people have fun, and it’s also participatory. People are playing at home and screaming the answers out and thinking they could do better. I would love to see everybody (laughs) be on this game with the eyes of America watching you. It’s always a different thing. It’s (also) fun to watch people you admire on television and watch how they might be at a party.”

As the interview ended, the always accommodating entertainer gave her thoughts on why comedic actors have an innate ability to excel at drama.

“I think that when you’re in touch with the humor and the irony, (and) you’re in touch with the dark and the light,” says Lynch. “You’re in touch with the essence of being human.

To hear Lynch give her insights of the beauty of being in touch with one’s comedic spirit, click on the Soundcloud bar below:

Blu-ray Dreaming: The Family Reunites Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert De Niro

TheFamily It’s great to see director Luc Besson, whose credits include La Femme Nikita and The Fifth Element, trying his hand at mob comedy with The Family. Starring Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Tommy Lee Jones, the feature is now out on Blu-ray. If you love Besson’s trademark mixture of comedy and action, this flick doesn’t disappoint.

De Niro is Giovanni Manzoni, an ex-mobster who’s forced to relocate his family to Normandy, France due to the witness protection program. Lee Jones is the FBI agent who oversees their transition, with former Glee star Dianna Agron and promising newcomer John D’Leo starring as the patriarch’s kids. Pfeiffer, who never truly got the chance to work with De Niro on the features Stardust and New Year’s Eve, plays Giovanni’s tough as nails wife. While doing promotion for The Family, Pfeiffer talked to Hollywood Outbreak about how the movie’s similarities to one of her most popular films (Married To The Mob):

Along with the easy and amiable chemistry displayed by the film’s principals, The Family’s biggest asset is its visual look. Besson once again works with top notch cinematographer Thierry Arbogast, and even though cinema has mainly been supplanted with digital filmmaking, the pair decided to shoot most of the film on 35mm with Kodak cameras. 

The special features include the trailer as well as a quick, humorous segment that spotlights the vulgarity used in The Family.

THE FAMILY (Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment)

The Family featurette, though just 10 minutes, covers a ton of ground. Besson’s work with the actors is seen throughout the segment, which also features quick interviews with the movie’s principles.

A few facts/insights featured on the featurette include:

  • Besson was initially set to serve as the movie’s producer and screenwriter, but when assembling the A-list cast, the temptation to direct was much too strong, so he relented.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer’s role was expanded once she landed the part.
  • Footage of co-stars D’Leo and Agron meeting for the first time is also in the segment, and D’Leo initially thought Agron was part of the movie’s crew members, and not her co-star.
  • Pfeiffer talks about working with Tommy Lee Jones: “He’s so funny and so unusual. When he first meets you, he will star ate you for like five minutes with this penetrating gaze. you’re kind of like ‘what are you doing, Tommy?”

 The Family (136 minutes, R, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment) is now out on DVD and as a Blu-ray Combo Pack (the featurette, as well as the DVD, are among the extras contained the pack).