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‘The Visitor’ Blu-ray Giveaway – Name Your Favorite Film!

The Visitor (Cinedigm)

The Visitor, a 1979 cult classic which features director/actor John Huston as an intergalactic warrior who teams up with another cosmic do-gooder to fight a demonic, eight year old, is now out on Blu-ray and DVD, and we’re giving away Two (2) Blu-ray copies! The giveaway ends Sunday, March 9 at 9 pm et.

The Visitor (Drafthouse Films)The sci-fi horror film, which is graced by a collection of Hollywood legends (Glenn Ford, Shelley Winters, director Sam Peckinpah) as well as go-to character actor Lance Henriksen (aka Frank Black from TV’s Millennium) contains the following special features:

  • Interviews with Lance Henriksen, screenwriter Lou Comici, and DP Ennio Guarnieri.
  • Theatrical trailer
  • 16-page booklet
  • Digital download.

To enter the Giveaway contest please follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow us on Twitter: @Deepestdreaming
  2. Please comment below and name a film you love from any of The Visitor actors. Briefly explain why you dig the movie. If you pick John Huston or Sam Peckinpah, you can choose a movie they directed.
  3. Finally, email your name and address to
  4. The randomly chosen winners will be immediately notified by email

Again – the giveaway ends Sunday, March 9 at 9 pm pt so there’s no time to waste! I haven’t seen The Visitor, but the trailer is extremely surreal. And who doesn’t love surreal?

Greg Srisavasdi
Greg Srisavasdi worked for over 17 years at Westwood One as a radio producer/interviewer. He is also a member of the BFCA (Broadcast Film Critics Association) and a proud UCLA Bruin (Class of '93). The creator of, he can be reached at for further inquiries.

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