‘Fargo’ Blu-ray Gets Remastered Touch For April Release


Best news of my morning comes courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, as Fargo gets a remastered, Blu-ray version come April 1. One of the Coen Brothers’ most popular works (along with Raising Arizona and TrueGrit), the 1996 feature received seven Oscar nominations and profoundly impacted William H. Macy’s career (he played befuddled Minnesota car salesman Jerry Lundegaard).

If you have various iterations of Fargo (140 minutes, R) in your collection, the key to getting this version is obviously for the transfer, but the disc also comes with its share of special features, and if you’re interested in how the Coens visually designed the movie, you’re in luck. Here are the additions that come with the Blu-ray:

  1. Audio commentary with cinematographer Roger A. Deakins
  2. Minnesota Nice
  3. Trivia Track
  4. American Cinematographer Article
  5. Photo Gallery
  6. Theatrical Trailer
  7. TV Spot

In case you forgot the competency of Officer Lou’s (Bruce Bohne) police work, check out the video below:

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