‘Human: Fall Flat’ Splatters Onto Xbox One & PS4 This Spring



I haven’t played the game on Steam, but considering the memorable moniker should be emblazoned on a shirt and the simple plotline is actually intriguing, I’m excited to catch Human: Fall Flat’s Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release this spring. Details on the game after the jump!

Human: Falls Flat – Curve Digital

Physics based puzzle games are definitely challenging but, for the more patient (and coordinated) gamers, they can be immensely satisfying. As Bob, you traverse various dreamscapes and perform a multitude of tasks. Though Bob is a worker, coordinating his floppy arms in this open-ended puzzle environment is a tricky one (hence, I’m assuming the “fall flat” reference).

Initially released on Steam, the console versions will come out with extra content and brand new puzzles (the extras will also be available on a Steam update).

I’ve requested a review copy of Human: Falls Flat, and I’ll be offering up my thoughts on this game down the road. As the trailer suggests, “there’s so much to explore, and so many adventures to happen.” Hopefully this adventure will be worth it! Check out the trailer and tell us what you think of this Curve Digital release!!