Tom Huang Talks ‘Dealing With Dad’ And Personal Storytelling

Starring Ally Maki, Peter S. Kim and Hayden Szeto, Dealing with Dad is now out on digital platforms.


Tom Huang writes and directs the new feature Dealing with Dad. Inspired by Huang’s father, who battled with depression for eight years, Dealing with Dad stars Ally Maki, Peter S. Kim, Hayden Szeto, Page Leong and Dana Lee. Huang talked to Deepest Dream about his latest film, which is now out on various digital formats.

Dealing With Dad centers on Margaret Chang (Ally Maki), a responsibile career woman who returns back to her hometown to deal with her father (Dana Lee). Her siblings Roy (Peter S. Kim) and Larry (Hayden Szeto) have always depended on Margaret since she is the most level headed and responsible of the family. Page Leong co-stars as the mother who seems to be more concerned with redecorating the house than actually dealing with her husband’s depression.

The catch behind Dealing with Dad is that if they actually get him to take medication, he might revert back to his old, irascible self. Currently, he just stays in his room and watches television all day. It’s up to Margaret to finally get through to her father, even if her family seems to be fine with his current state.

Director/writer Tom Huang’s own relationship with his father serves as an inspiration for Dealing With Dad. Featuring engaged performances by the ensemble and a well written script, the feature is a first rate family dramedy. I loved seeing a ton of Asian American representation in the feature, but most importantly it absolutely works as a movie. If you are looking for an edgy, funny and uncompromising tale of unconditional love, Dealing with Dad is worth a watch.

Hayden Szeto and Ally Maki in ‘Dealing with Dad’ (Screen Media Films)

My full interview with Tom Huang is below. In preparation for the the interview, I also checked out Huang’s previous movie Find Me, and I loved that as well. For more info on Find Me, go to Just Watch. Along with discussing Dealing With Dad, Huang briefly talks about Find Me as well.

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