Ken Jeong Delivers “Best Performance” With ‘Fool’s Paradise’ And Charlie Day Collaboration


Directed and written by Charlie Day, Fool’s Paradise centers on a recently released mental health patient (Day) who is released into Los Angeles. There he gets scooped up by an desperate publicist named Larry (Ken Jeong) and undergoes a surreal journey as an overnight movie star. Jeong talked to Deepest Dream about this madcap comedy, and he explained why this is his most gratifying movie role to date.

Kate Beckinsale, Charlie Day and Ken Jeong in “Fool’s Paradise” (Roadside Attractions)

Charlie Day cites the Hal Ashby classic Being There as an influence for Fool’s Paradise. Like Being There’s Chance (Peter Sellers), Latte Pronto (Day) is an individual who draws people out of their shell. A movie producer (Ray Liotta), actress (Kate Beckinsale), a power broker (John Malkovich), and a homeless man (Common) are among the people who befriend Latte. Latte’s only true friend may be his agent Larry (Ken Jeong). Larry, however, is hell-bent on exploiting his client’s popularity.

Jeong’s performance is one of Fool’s Paradise strongest elements. “Most of all, I’m here because of Charlie Day,” said Jeong. “He brings my best performance ever in a film. If I’m good in this movie, it’s only because of Charlie. He just brought out this performance and out of love (he) kept pushing me and pushing me to get (to that) place. And I wanted to go there.”

Fool’s Paradise is now playing in theaters. Check out our full interview with Ken Jeong below.

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