Goran Visnjic & Malcolm Barrett Impressed With ‘Timeless’ Storytelling

One show that has me by the hooks is Timeless, a time travel series that, while breathing life into various moments of history, is filled with a ton of clever (and surprisingly evocative) twists and turns. The below video features cast members Goran Visnjic and Malcolm Barrett discussing what makes Timeless a unique program.

TIMELESS — Pictured: “Timeless” Key Art — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

Goran Visnjic is Garcia Flynn, the main villain from season one who is chased all throughout the past by soldier Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter), history professor Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer) and engineer/time machine navigator Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett).

The video with Visnjic and Barrett was taken during the NBC/Universal TCAS as the actors were promoting the first season (hence Visnjic’s reference to an already aired episode). That being said, there comments on what makes Timeless a show to watch is still relevant. Check out their comments and the video below!!

Visnjic: “It’s kind of a dream for an actor because every episode you do a different genre, different costume, a different time period. My dad was crazy about Westerns and I was an actor since I was a kid but I kind of knew I was never going to be able to play a cowboy. Especially in Croatia. And then on this show (I was saying) ‘Guys guys we should do a Western’ and then it happened . . . 
Barrett: The other thing I noticed as a viewer, the way it’s evolved, is the diversity of the show. We have a lot of strong lead women. We’ve got a British black guy. We’ve got me playing a scientist. You’ve got a guy in a hoodie who is smart (laughs) – he’s not the bad guy (laughs). He’s saving things.
Visnjic: The bad guy is in a suit.

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