Matt Lanter Holds A ‘Timeless’ Approach To Solid Storytelling And Acting

With the series finale of Timeless upon us, I wanted to share an audio clip of Matt Lanter discussing his thoughts on what makes a great script, especially since the show’s bread and butter centered on its writing. Check out the Lanter audio below, as he talks about how being a first time dad has also deepened his acting chops.




Goran Visnjic & Malcolm Barrett Impressed With ‘Timeless’ Storytelling

One show that has me by the hooks is Timeless, a time travel series that, while breathing life into various moments of history, is filled with a ton of clever (and surprisingly evocative) twists and turns. The below video features cast members Goran Visnjic and Malcolm Barrett discussing what makes Timeless a unique program.


Matt Lanter Delves Into “Human Element” of ‘Timeless’


Co-showrunners Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and Shawn Ryan (The Shield and criminally underrated Last Resort) spearhead the ambitious series Timeless. Matt Lanter is Wyatt, a soldier who teams with a history professor (Abigail Spencer) and scientist (Malcolm Barrett) to travel back in time and save America from a potential doomsday. Though Lanter loves that the series has an “adventurous spirit,” he also talks about some of the program’s deeper themes. To hear Lanter, go to the jump.


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