Martin Wood Talks ‘Double Life’ Directing And Reflects On Diverse Career


Filmmaker Martin Wood has explored the realms of sci-fi (Stargate SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis) and drama (Virgin River, When Calls The Heart). Psychological thriller is the name of the game with Double Life. It reunites him with Pascale Hutton, whom he worked with on Sanctuary and When Calls the Heart. Wood talked to Deepest Dream about working with Hutton and Javicia Leslie (Batwoman). Plus, he explains why Double Life is more than just a thriller.

Sharon Setter (Pascale Hutton) is traumatized to learn of her husband’s (Niall Matter) death. Her husband was leading a “double life,” as he had an affair with a bartender named Jo (Javicia Leslie). His passing leads to an unlikely partnership between the women. Putting aside their differences, they are focused in finding the people responsible for his death.

Wood, an experienced TV and film director, detailed his prep process in making Double Life. He stressed the need for shot lists in helping him truly envision the story. “I do a lot of homework,” said Wood. “I do shot lists. Not in order to tell people what to do on that day. I can do that on the day. But for me, my process is I need to have this scene settled in my head. In this place in the movie so if there are questions of ‘am I here’ or ‘am I there,’ . . . everything is in line with my head.”

Double Life is billed as a psychological thriller, and it has its share of tense and action packed moments. The heart of the movie, however centers on the growing friendshp between Sharon and Jo. Hutton and Leslie deliver solid work in the feature, and Wood also talked about their innate chemistry.

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