Star Wars: Card Trader Update Features ‘The Force Awakens’ Artwork

Star Wars: Card Trader


If you have an insatiable appetite for Star Wars: The Force Awakens (TFA) and watching the movie numerous times just won’t do, then Star Wars: Card Trader might just do the trick. Topps has launched a big update for the digital trading card app (which is available on iOS and Android) in conjunction with TFA’s nationwide release.

Star Wars: Card Trader (Topps)
Star Wars: Card Trader (Story Card)

Since its inception, Star Wars: Card Trader has generated over 175 million opened packs and 8,000 designs. I haven’t personally played this game, but considering the following updates and the screenshots I’ve seen thus far, I’ll be downloading the app as soon as I’ve finished this post! You can download Star Wars: Card Trader on iOS by clicking here or if Google Play is your cup of tea, here’s the link.

Updates include:

  1. Concept Art Cards, which gives players a look at the early designs of the characters and scenes before they were actually made. Fifteen of these digital trading cards are available with the update. After collecting all of these Concept Cards within a 24 hour span, gamers will get an ultra rare card in exchange for their 15 cards under the “Smuggler’s Den” feature. If the transaction is completed by Sunday, a different rare card will be made available for trade with the 15 cards.
  2. Story Cards – Over 30 of these hand painted cards (the first of which was made available today) are taken from the first act of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  3. Armory Cards – These are exclusive Topps designs that highlight the weapons used in TFA. An estimated 10 cards will be available.
  4. Game Assets – New artwork featuring characters from TFA.
Star Wars - Card Trader (Topps)
Star Wars – Card Trader (Topps)
Star Wars: Card Trader (Story Card)
Star Wars: Card Trader (Story Card)
Star Wars: Card Trader (Concept Art)
Star Wars: Card Trader (Concept Art)

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