‘Salem’ Sneak Peek: “The Stone Child” Walks On Sunday


Last week’s “Salem” pilot was a rather bewitching debut, especially if you love the manipulative tendencies of the show’s main character, Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery). During the narrative’s opening moments, we’re on Mary’s side as she essentially mortgaged her own humanity to ensure lover John Alden’s (Shane West) return to Salem.

Their reunion, however, is met with its share of compromise, as the town has sunk into a deeper pit of immorality and violence. Mary Sibley, the supposed heroine of the story, has done, in Montgomery’s own words, some pretty “horrific things” during her journey.

“Salem” – Shane West as John Alden, Seth Gabel as Cotton Maher (WGN America)

“Salem’s” second episode, titled “The Stone Child,” has Alden trying to figure out what the heck is really going down in Salem. Although she’s the leader of the true witches of Salem, Mary Sibley still holds deep feelings for Alden. Will human love triumph over witchcraft, or is Salem literally going down in flames. And what the heck is the stone child?

“Salem” airs Sunday, April 27 on WGN America at 10 pm et/ 9 pm ct.

Here’s a clip of Janet Montgomery talking about why she loves playing Mary Sibley:

And…a sneak peek into Sunday’s episode is below:

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