Patrick Wilson Unleashes ‘Zipper’ In Tense Political Thriller


Whether it’s Insidious or Little Children, Patrick Wilson definitely has the acting and singing (Phantom of the Opera) chops. Zipper features him as Sam Ellis, a charismatic politician who’s on the rise. But as the moniker suggests, keeping one’s desires snuggled in a pair of slacks is Ellis’ weakness.

Patrick Wilson in 'Zipper'
Patrick Wilson in ‘Zipper’

Co-starring Lena Headey, Dianna Agron, Ray Winstone, John Cho, and Richard Dreyfuss, Zipper is a thriller whose main drama hinges on if and how Sam Ellis will turn his adulterous, escort addicted behavior into a positive. After all, spinning and weaving stories is part of the political narrative, and even if his affairs turn into tabloid fodder, there has to be a way out.   

The trailer displays a possible showdown between Winstone’s character and Ellis, and any movie featuring Winstone getting medieval on someone (for e.g. The Departed) is good enough for me.

Directed by Mora Stephens, Zipper opens August 28 in theaters and On Demand.

Is Zipper on your own to-watch movie list? What’s your favorite Patrick Wilson movie? Feel free to comment below!