Long Awaited ‘Steampunk Tower 2’ Hits Steam In April

It’s been nearly five years since I played the first rate Steampunk Tower on iOS, and the great news is Steampunk Tower 2 is hitting that platform, Android, and PC come April (exact date TBD).

Steampunk Tower 2
Steampunk Tower 2 Photo credit: DreamGate

One of the joys of the original title, which was published by Chillingo, was its deft mixture of tower defense gaming and the steampunk aesthetic. It was a beautiful sight to look at on iPad and a solid game to play, and now the developers have made improvements with the sequel.

Along with an enhanced turret navigation system, the number of game levels, giant bosses, and game characters have also been increased. I’ll be receiving a gaming review code of the title and I’ll give further details on the title (as well as a review) whenever it comes out next month (my review of Steampunk Tower is housed on Arcade Sushi).

Steampunk Tower 2
Steampunk Tower 2 – Photo CR: DreamGate

Are you a tower defense fan and did you play Steampunk Tower (it has an estimated 1.7 million downloads). Feel free to comment below!