FYF Reviews Multiverse Thriller ‘Parallel’ And Meryl Streep/Robert De Niro Gem ‘Falling In Love’

Also covered on the podcast are "Anything for Jackson," "The Call," "Planet of the Vampires" and "Falling In Love."

Georgia King in "Parallel" (Vertical Entertainment)
Lots of things to cover on the latest episode of Find Your Film, but one movie all three of us checked out was the indie thriller Parallel. Directed by Isaac Ezban, the feature is now out in theaters and is available On Demand.

Aml Ameen, Martin Wallström, Georgia King, and Mark O’Brien in “Parallel.” (Vertical Entertainment)

Parallel centers on several entrepreneurs/friends (Martin Wallström, Georgia King, Mark O’Brien, Aml Ameen) who stumble upon a mirror that leads them to a “multiverse.” By going through their own version of a looking glass, the friends are able to manipulate time to their whims. What starts out as a huge advantage for close buddies devolves into a seductive and ultimately nightmarish experience for everyone involved.

Although the movie is bookended by a cool homage to Giallo cinema (the intro with Kathleen Quinlan is a standout), Parallel’s main focus is on how time is the ultimate conqueror in relationships. Director Isaac Ezban focuses on the human element of this intriguing concept, and this nuanced film I would love to rewatch down the road.

Kathleen Quinlan in “Parallel.” (Vertical Entertainment)

Find Your Film co-host Bruce Purkey didn’t share my enthusiasm for the picture (he called it an “okay watch). Eric Holmes enjoyed Parallel’s storyline, but his screening link did not work and he missed the final 15-20 minutes of the movie.

Other movies covered on the episode include the animated feature Your Name, Anything for Jackson, Home Alone, Falling in Love, The Call, Planet of the Vampires, eXistenZ and Fruitvale Station. Take a listen to Find Your Film and check out our episode breakdown below!!

0:00 – Intro and Banter!

3:50 – Bruce Purkey accurately states that he and Eric has to force me to watch movies.

4:06 – For this week’s Movie Rewind, I recommend/review Your Name. Purkey spotlighted the film in a previous Find Your Film episode.

5:20: “I think it’s a pretty solid love story.” – Bruce Purkey on Your Name

11:00 – All three of us review the new feature Parallel.

12:37 – Bruce Purkey gives his thoughts on Parallel. He liked some parts of the  movie but didn’t appreciate all the swish pans and Dutch angle shooting presentation. “It’s an okay watch,” said Purkeyl

15:19 – I really enjoyed Parallel and would recommend the flick!

16:40 – Eric Holmes was “on board” with the Parallel storyline, but he was not able to see the final 15-20 minutes of the film.

17:29 – Bruce Purkey appreciated the ending behind Parallel and thought it was a “gutsy” and “bolder”  choice. “It took a while to get to the meat of the story,” said Purkey

18:21 – “I was just in on the journey,” said Holmes on Parallel.

20:40  – Bruce Purkey, a self-proclaimed Shudder shill, recommends Anything for Jackson.

28:40 – Eric’s first recommendation is Home Alone which he rewatched over the weekend on Disney Plus.

35:19 – Bruce’s next pick is The Call, a South Korean thriller on Netflix. He calls it an “epic movie”

43:25 – Eric Holmes recommends the Mario Bava movie Planet of the Vampires. Movie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

53:11 – My recommendation of the week is Falling In Love, a movie that I definitely wanted to see after see Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep’s chemistry in The Deer Hunter.

55:00 – Eric gets The Deer Hunter and Deliverance confused as they blend together for him.

63:00 – Eric’s favorite Streep film is Kramer vs. Kramer.

64:32 – Next movie pick is David Cronenberg’s Existenz. Holmes loves the film’s ending and its prescient storytelling.

71:20 – Teaser for Max Cloud – Bruce and Eric interviewed an actor from that film. Eric enjoyed Max Cloud.

73:42 – Bruce gives a teaser for next week’s director spotlight on Hal Ashby. We will cover Being There and The Last Detail.

76:12 – Bruce’s final recommendation is Fruitvale Station which is currently streaming on Netflix.

83:22 – Eric has an Assault on Precinct 13 remake pitch for director Ryan Coogler!

85:38 – Check out Bruce Purkey’s YouTube Channel Rustomire.

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