Eric Roberts And Filippo M. Prandi Talk ‘My Last Best Friend’ Collaboration


Eric Roberts stars in My Last Best Friend, a crime starring that co-stars Carol Alt and Rico Simonini. The movie marks the feature directing debut of Filippo M. Prandi. The pair talked to CinemAddicts podcaster Eric Holmes about their movie.

My Last Best Friend is set during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and Eric Roberts plays two men named Walter Stoyanov. One of them is being investigated by an FBI agent (Rico Simonini) and the other has fallen ill.

The interview features a couple of key acting insights from Eric Roberts and offers a look at how Filippo M. Prandi has progressed as a filmmaker. They also talk about their respective favorite movies (Roberts chooses Harold and Maude, Prandi goes with Reds).

Check out the full interview below as well as Eric’s review of My Last Best Friend on CinemAddicts:

My Last Best Friend is now playing at Brooklyn’s Stuart Cinema & Café. It hits Los Angeles (Cinemalounge) on September 20.