Kevin Abrams Talks Personal Connection Behind Directing ‘Marisol’


Filmmaker Kevin Abrams received acclaim recently for his documentary I Got A Monster and this time out he is in the feature film arena with Marisol. The feature, which is recommended from CinemAddicts hosts Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes, features Esmeralda Camargo in her debut role.

Marisol centers on Marisol Rivera (Esmeralda Camargo), who dsicovers that she is undocumented after being falsely accused of a crime. Rivera leaves her small Texas border town in search of her mother and some answers.

“I come from a family of Latino activists,” said director Kevin Abrams. “I grew up watching my uncle collect people at the border into safe passage. And I felt incredible responsibility in doing justice to (Marisol). I’m also Mexican American, so I know this story incredibly well. I wanted to represent it in as honest a way as I was familiar with considering my upbringing. This one, in some ways, I felt an even greater responsibility because it touched me on a much more personal level.”

Listen to Eric Holmes and Bruce Purkey’s review of Marisol on this week’s CinemAddicts:

Full interview with Kevin Abrams is below. Marisol is now available on VOD.

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