Campbell McInnes And Mark Ciardi Talk Producing Journey With ‘A Million Miles Away’


A Million Miles Away is the true story of Jose Hernandez (Michael Peña), the first ever migrant farm worker to become an astronaut who heads into space. Producers Mark Ciardi (The Rookie, Secretariat) and Campbell McInnes (Killing Them Softly, Chappaquidick) talk about the journey in making this movie.

To mount an ambitious project like A Million Miles Away, one needs to be on the field and contributing to the work.

“Being hands on is the key,” said Campbell McInnes. “We were on set every day and we were in the editing room all the time. Our fingerprints are all over every element of this and that is because we are creative producers and we champion the projects we believe in.”

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Part of being hands on producers was getting to know Jose Hernandez. Director Alejandra Márquez Abella, does a great job at delving into Hernandez’s life, his lifelong passion for reaching the stars, and his deep love for his family.

“We spent a lot of time talking with Jose,” said Mark Ciardi. “He’s the source. It’s his story. He had his book but you also pull out stuff that maybe wasn’t in the books. There’s a highlight reel of this film and there are moments that are really quiet. The biggest challenge with this movie is spanning all the years. We start when he graduates and then ends with him going to space. It’s close to thirty years.”

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