Danielle Macdonald Explores “Crazy Space” Of ‘Skin’ With Jamie Bell

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 11: Danielle Macdonald (L) and Jamie Bell attend the Los Angeles Special Screening of "SKIN" at ArcLight Hollywood on July 11, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for A24)
Directed and penned by Oscar winning filmmaker Guy Nattiv, Skin centers on the true story of Bryon Widner’s (Jamie Bell) journey of shedding his life as a racist skinhead. Danielle Macdonald (Bird Box, Patti Cake$) co-stars as his girlfriend Julie, a woman who believes Widner is ready to make that change.

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Danielle Macdonald and Jamie Bell in “Skin.” (Courtesy of A24)

Danielle Macdonald previously worked with Guy Nattiv in the Oscar winning short Skin (which is available on Prime Video), and during our interview with the actress she talked about collaborating with Jamie Bell (for the feature version).

A pivotal scene centers on Julie’s (Macdonald) confrontation with Bryon (Bell) over a heated incident with one of her daughters, and the actress talked about how she and Bell were able to support each other during that sequence.

“I remember we were so in it, Jamie and I, that afterwards we were – it took us a moment to get out of it,” said Macdonald.  “And we just had to come together and we just had to hug it out for five minutes. It took so much out of us. We didn’t say one entire word to each other this entire time and we were just ready to go again. It’s just (a good feeling) knowing you can lean on this person because you’re in this crazy space together.”

Click on the media bar to hear Danielle Macdonald talk about how she and Jamie Bell trusted director/writer Guy Nattiv during the film’s final scene (which ironically was the first thing they shot during production!):

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Skin, co-starring Vera Farmiga and Mary Stuart Masterson, is now playing in theaters.