‘2Dark’ Explores Retro Survival World With ‘Alone in the Dark’ Creator


The new studio Gloomywood have released a teaser trailer for their retro survival game 2Dark. Credit the developers for not holding back on the storyline, as gamers will play a father who must save his children and their friends from a serial killer. One of the Gloomywood developers behind the game is French designer and Alone in the Dark mastermind Frederick Raynal.

“With Alone in the Dark, I worked first on the game technology thinking of what it could bring to the game mechanics, and that’s what created the gameplay and set the track for story. I am rather confident to my methods,” said Raynal. “For 2Dark, I started tinkering by defining the graphical rendering I want. Now, as it was never done, I am creating the necessary tools…”

To read about Raynal’s development of the these tools, check out the studio’s blog. The team will be available at Gamescon from August-15 to answer questions about the game, which fellow Gloomywood member Thierry Platon describes as an “uncompromising” experience.


The teaser is intentionally creepy, and anything that involves the endangerment of children certainly ups the dramatic stakes. Check out the vid below and tell us what you think!