Tom Hardy Was Initially “Daunted” With “Mad Max: Fury Road”


Though he broke Batman’s back in The Dark Knight Rises as Bane, Tom Hardy admitted he was initially “daunted” upon entering director George Miller’s iconic, post-apocalyptic universe in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner Bros. Pictures, CR: Jasin Boland)
Mad Max: Fury Road (Warner Bros. Pictures, CR: Jasin Boland)

During the Mad Max: Fury Road, Hardy was humble about taking over the role popularized by Mel Gibson in the series’ three previous films:

I don’t think I brought anything new – as such. But the fact that I’m just a new actor in the fourth installment of the legacy which was once was ultimately Mel’s role and still is, rightly so.  I’m just the new boy – and hopefully (I’m) accepted.

To hear Tom Hardy’s full answer, in which he elaborates on director George Miller’s Mad Max universe, click on the Soundcloud bar below:

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